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Heart of Herbs Aromatherapy Certification

Aromatherapy Certification Distance Learning Program- $360.00

Aromatherapy Certification eLearning- $320.00 Enroll Now eLearning

eLearning Class Enrollment Instructions

Train to become an Aromatherapist, learn how to use aromatherapy in everyday life, therapeutic applications, and the healing energetics of Aromatherapy. Educate yourself for professional practice, family health and well-being or as an adjunct therapy for your current practice.

This program was written to fulfill the needs of my students who are not able to travel to Vermont for the intensives and Aromatherapy training programs. This was modeled after our in class programs. This is an Aromatherapist Training Program. This program meets and exceeds NAHA's Level One education standards. Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

-Discuss aromatherapy, its history, and development
-Identify and safely use up to twenty essential oils, including methods of application
-Evaluate the quality of essential oils, and understand the principal production methods.
-Aromatherapy skin and hair formulations, emotional and physical health formulations.
-Describe the physiology of the sense of smell
-Give an overview of the limbic system, lymphatic system, immune system, and skin, and methods of absorption of essential oils Discuss how essential oils interact on physical and emotional levels
-Understanding chemistry of essential oils
-Identify contraindications and safety issues
-Create blends and formulate for specific ailments and issues.
-Conduct a case study for family, friends and self-care The course also covers ethics and client- aromatherapist ethics.

Student Comments

Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience. I've really enjoyed the class, the materials,and working with you. Your knowledge and expertise in Aromatherapy have given me a better understanding of nature, the earth and all the wonders I've been overlooking. I'm indebted to you. Sincerely, Cher B.

This class was so much fun. As a massage therapist I am always looking for ways to expand my practice, but I didn't know I was going to have so much fun while learning. Thanks! Emily P.

Heart of Herbs Certified Aromatherapy Program
Class Syllabus

Aromatherapy Certification

History of Aromatherapy

Benefits and Safety of Aromatherapy

Essential Oils

* What are Essential Oils?
* Uses of Aromatherapy
* Storage of Essential Oils and Carrier Oils
* Essential Oil Saturation
* Essential Oil Production Processes

Science of Aromatherapy

* Chemistry
* Botany
* Aldehydes and Ketones

Adverse Reactions and Safety Precautions

* Adverse Reactions and Safety
* Essential Oil Profiles
* Essential Oil Profile Upload Assignment

Anatomy Basics
* Anatomical overview of Human Body.

Olfactory and Limbic Systems
* Olfactory and Limbic System
* Limbic System Movies file
* Olfactory System Movies file

*Skin Care

Essential Oil Profiles

Essential Oil Quality

* Essential Oil Quality
* Scent Activity Assignment

Blending Essential Oils
* Blending Essential Oils


Beginning a Practice

Formulations and Usage Guide

* Formulating Oils and Preparations

Usage Charts and Recipes

* Usage Charts
* Recipes for Mental Emotional Issues
* Miscellaneous Recipes for Everyday Use


* IFRA List
* Glossary
* Resources and Suppliers

Final Exam- The class also includes extensive articles and resources.

Enrollment Options

Aromatherapy Certification Distance Learning Program- $360.00

Aromatherapy Certification eLearning- $320.00 Enroll Now

eLearning Class Enrollment Instructions


Special Offer- Certified Herbalist Program and Aromatherapy Certification Distance Learning option $585.00- Enroll Now

Special Offer- Certified Herbalist Program and Aromatherapy Certification eLearning option $525.00

eLearning Class Enrollment Instructions

When you enroll in a combination program you will have to be manually enrolled by us. You can set up an account at www.heartofherbs.net and email us when complete, to speed up the process.

eLearning- Students have access to all course materials online through the online classroom. Students are responsible for the additional texts required. All work is submitted through the portal.

Distance Learning- We send you your course materials in printed format and two of the required reading materials. Students can still access all materials through the eLearning portal also.

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