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CertifiCertified Herbalist Certification Programed Herbalist Certification Program

Distance Learning Course Option- $360.00
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eLearning Portal Course Option- $300.00

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The Certified Herbalist correspondence course is over 475 pages long, fully illustrated and full of medicinal herbal education and practical herbal lifestyle ideas. Along with the following lessons you will find articles about wild crafting, midwifery, Bach Flower essences, Aromatherapy and Nutrition are included. The course on average takes from six months to two years for most students. We have no completion time line knowing that "life happens" and sometimes students need to delay study to address these needs.

This program is the first level of herbal studies for one planning on consulting and teaching. People who take this program have gone on to study further, teach at co-ops, start their own business, open their own shop and teach herbal programs of their own. This program is known world-wide for its full teacher support, practicality and high rate of student success and satisfaction. Heart of Herbs has trained over 6,000 herbalist worldwide and we are known for being at the peak of excellence in reference to herbal education.

Students are expected to complete the all activities and lessons in the workbook or the eLearning Portal for certification. Students who enroll in the Distance Learning program will receive the course textbook and access to the online portal. Students who are enrolling in just the eLearning Portal have full access to the course, but receive no textbook, this will be online.

Class Syllabus

Lesson 1
How to Harvest Herbs
How to tell if the herb is of good quality
Herbal Preparations
Recipes for simple first time preparations

Lesson 2
Digestive System
Herbs for Digestive System
Ailments of the Digestive System
Nutrition for Digestive System
Cleansing and Vitality

Lesson 3
Nervous System
Disorders of the Nervous System
Tonics for Nervous System
Stress Free Aromatherapy

Lesson 4
Circulatory System
Disorders of the Circulatory System
Herbs for The Circulatory System
Ethical Wildcrafting
Articles on Standardization

Lesson 5
Respiratory System
Herbal Types
Ailments of the Respiratory System and Treatments
Common Respiratory Problems and Treatments

Lesson 6
Urinary Tract
Ailments of the Urinary Tract
Herbs for the Urinary Tract
Healthy Kidney and How to keep the Kidney?s Balanced
Native American Plants and Native Herbal Medicine a brief look

Lesson 7
Female Reproductive System
Sexual Dysfunction
Post Abortion Stress

Lesson 8
Herbs and Children
Dosages for Children
How to treat children
Common Childhood Ailments
Wise Woman Ways

Lesson 9
Male Reproductive System
Ailments of the Reproductive System
Male Specific problems
Sexual Dysfunction
Seaweeds for Health

Lesson 10
Muscular System
Ailments of the Muscular System
Treatments for the Muscular System
Skeletal System
Ailments of the Skeletal System
Treatments for the Skeletal System

Lesson 11
Pet Care
Common Dog ailments and Remedies
Doggie Biscuit Recipes
Cat Ailments and Remedies
Cat Treats
Flower Essences

Lesson 12
Skin Care
Skin Problems
Skin Remedies
Skin Care product Recipes

Lesson 13

Lesson 14
Herbal Resources and Organizations
These are resources for continuing your herbal education, herbal organizations and contacts in the herbal community. Advanced Lessons are now being offered for when you complete Heart of Herbs.

Quotes from some former students

Thank you for working with me to finish the program, I cannot believe the life changes this has erupted in me. You have made me feel as though I am apart of something I am so very proud of. J.A. 1999

I am so glad I kept with it all, thanks. I have learned so much, so much I never understood before. You were right, it would click and it did. Thank you for believing in me and helping me come back to study after life settled down. Thanks for waiting for me and believing in me. N.N. 2001

Thank you! I loved the program, I write articles and work to support my community. I really enjoyed the challenges of the program. Alma B. 2005

I’m eternally grateful for the timing of my taking this course, the information I learned, and to all the plants themselves. Thank you. L.P. 2012

I learned a great deal from this program, more than I ever imagined. I have a better understanding of herbs and can now put together formulas for specific needs. The class was amazing. M.G. 2012

The requirements for Certification is the total completion of the course and final. You can securely order the program using Visa, MC, AMEX and Discover. We also accept checks and money orders sent to the address below.

Distance Learning Course Option- $360.00

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!
eLearning Portal Course Option- $300.00

eLearning Class Enrollment Instructions

Enrollment Options

Aromatherapy Certification Distance Learning Program- $360.00
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eLearning Class Enrollment Instructions


Special Offer- Certified Herbalist Program and Aromatherapy Certification Distance Learning option $585.00- Enroll Now
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Special Offer- Certified Herbalist Program and Aromatherapy Certification eLearning option $525.00
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When you enroll in a combination program you will have to be manually enrolled by us. You can set up an account at www.heartofherbs.net and email us when complete, to speed up the process.

eLearning- Students have access to all course materials online through the online classroom. Students are responsible for the additional texts required. All work is submitted through the portal.

Distance Learning- We send you your course materials in printed format and two of the required reading materials. Students can still access all materials through the eLearning portal also.