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Master Herbalist Certification Program

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Heart of Herbs Master Herbalist Certification
When you enroll in the Master Herbalist Certification Program, a 2300 hour academically rich education program you will be guided through your herbal education personally by Demetria Clark. The Master Herbalist course offers students over 1,100 pages of academic materials, lectures, presentations and an online classroom to assist with offering students a rich learning environment.

The program includes an in-depth education in anatomy and physiology, botany, herbal practices, materia medicas, formulations, herbal ethics, business practices, Western Herbalism and so much more.  Students will also learn about some adjunct therapies like aromatherapy, flower essences and non-western herbalism practices. This program is designed for students with some prior herbal experience or for a beginner with a strong drive to learn and excel.

This program is designed to facilitate students in achieving a master level of education. This means simply that you will have exceeded all education guidelines and have worked at an advanced level of study. No one ever can completely master any subject. For students interested in the American Herbalist Guild (all of our students qualify for student membership) or another body of recognition, the program is 2300 education hours to include hands on, lectures, and scientific work.

This program was originally developed to model our Master Herbalist apprenticeship program; that was always filled to capacity, for students unable to attend or who tried to register after the fill date. Students will have in-depth education studies and courses in herbal medicine. The materials are updated on a regular basis, and we encourage students to explore the herbal world around them.

Heart of Herbs students are also encouraged to access all online course materials also. We also have online groups, and a student email list. This assists students in having a fuller and more connected classroom experience. We have students all over the world, and this gives a chance for students to learn from each other also. In addition, we also offer phone and email support for students. Students only communicate with Demetria, the Director. This insures that students feel a connection and confident they are given the guidance they need.

The requirements for certification are as follows- complete all workbook materials and assignments, chapter sections, intakes, book reports and the final. Your whole body of work is evaluated and if students need additional support for success, it will be given.  You can securely order the program using Visa, MC, AMEX and Discover. We also accept money orders sent to the school.

The Master Herbalist Certification program exceeds the educational requirements to apply for professional membership with the American Herbalists Guild to achieve the designation Registered Herbalist - RH (AHG). A lot of our students are from a medical or supportive professions, such as Doctors, Midwives, Therapists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Veterinarians, Respiratory Therapists, Massage Therapists,and Doulas wishing to explore this exciting field and integrate it into their practice.



Demetria is a great teacher you'll learn a lot. Good luck and Blessings, Cher

Demetria, teaches like she talks, its like you are in the same room as her. I feel so lucky to learn with a great teacher and now a friend. Love, Pamela

"Heart of Herbs, taught me so much not only about herbs, but what I wanted for myself as an aspiring herbalist" Alice C.

"I am already learning a lot through this lesson and even my children are excited about it"... Sheila B.

" I can't believe how much I learned. I saw you speak at a conference and was so drawn to your personality I worried the program wouldn't live up to your in person work, boy was I wrong. Thanks for having such a fun program." Jenna 2013 graduate

1,100+ page course curriculum- Herb Manual, Heart of Herbs Master Herbalist Training Program is what distance learning students will receive upon enrolling. If you enroll via eLearning, it is all in the online classroom.

This is the same program taught during our intensive summer apprenticeship programs previously in Vermont and now in North Carolina.

Students will have access to the Heart of Herbs Online Student Group and Facebook group. These groups have over 700 Heart of Herbs Students, and many fine herbal graduates to assist students with work and herbal questions.

Students are also able to download and listen to lectures by Demetria Clark, a new lecture is put in a regular basis, covering a variety of Heart of Herbs subjects.

Complete required reading list, student handbook and so much more..
The following books are also included in the program

-475 Herbal and Aromatherapy Recipes by Demetria Clark

-Herbal Healing for Children by Demetria Clark

We can substitute books if you already have the selections, but students must inform us upon enrolling. The eLearning Program does not include any additional books, these are the responsibility of the student.

The program consists of the following hours for individuals interested in attaining American Herbalist Guild, or other guild certifications.

We will provide organizations documentation of all of your studies for application into a guild or society:

Total Course Hours 2300
1200 Hours Instruction Time
100 Hours Botany
75 Hours A&P, Nutrition, Chemistry
125 Hours Materia Medica
100 Hours Wildcrafting (this is also required for components of other programs sections like, formulation, botany and individual projects)
50 Hours Research/ herbal News, etc..
100 Hours Individual Projects
500 Hours Intakes, Practice, Business Planning

The Heart of Herbs Master Herbalist Certification Program is one of the most extensive and complete programs available to students.


Lesson 1
Proper Herbal Harvesting Techniques
Herbal Quality
Preparations and Formulations
Recipes for formulation.
Advanced Recipes for practice
- Learn Herbal Medicine

Lesson 2
Digestive System
Herbs for Digestive System Ailments of the Digestive System
Nutrition for Digestive System
Digestive Protocols

Lesson 3
Nervous System
Nervines for NS care.
Disorders of the Nervous System
Tonics for Nervous System
Aromatherapy, Distillation processes

Lesson 4
Lymphatic System
Lymphatic disorders
Herbals for the Lymphatic System
Lymphatic tonics and toners.

Lesson 5
Circulatory System
Disorders of the Circulatory System
Herbs for The Circulatory System
Ethical Wildcrafting
Articles on Standardization

Lesson 6
Immune System
Immune Disorders
Immune System Herbals
Immune Nourishers

Lesson 7
Horticulture as a Therapy
Herb Gardening
Planning a growing area.
Growing techniques

Lesson 8
Respiratory System
Herbal Types
Ailments of the Respiratory System
Treatments Common Respiratory Problems

Lesson 9
Urinary Tract
Ailments of the Urinary Tract
Urinary Tract Herbs
Healthy Kidney and How to Balancing the Kidneys
Native American Plants and Native Herbal Medicine a brief look

Lesson 10
Female Reproductive System
Childbirth, herbal support
Sexual Dysfunction
Post Miscarriage issues

Lesson 11
Herbal Healing and Children
Dosages for Children
How to treat children
Common Childhood Ailments

Lesson 12
Male Reproductive System
Ailments of the Reproductive System
Male Specific problems
Sexual Dysfunction
Male Herbal Lifelines.

Lesson 13
Muscular and Skeletal System
Ailments of the Muscular System- Treatments for the Muscular System
Skeletal System
Ailments of the Skeletal System
Treatments for the Skeletal System
Herbal First Aid Kit

Lesson 14
Herbal Pet Care Practices
Common Canine Ailments and Remedies
Doggie Biscuit Recipes
Feline Ailments and Remedies
Animal Snacks and Treats
Flower Essence Therapy and Overview

Lesson 15
Skin Function and Remedies for common skin issues.
Skin Care Product Recipes and Product Formulatoin
Infestations, and Issues in health relating to skin care
Herbal Products and Skin Care Business

Lesson 16
Wellness Treatments, Practices and Diagnostic Techniques
Ayurveda- An overview
Tibetan Medicine- An overview

Lesson 17
Setting Up a Practice and Being a Professional
Taking your place in the community, ethical and practice guidelines.

Lesson 18

Lesson 19
Herbal Resources and Organizations
These are resources for continuing your herbal education, herbal organizations and contacts in the herbal community.

Program Objectives:

Graduates of the Master Herbalist Certification program will be able to:

  • Educate clients, employees, and others about appropriate holistic herbal protocols utilizing herbal and natural products to support and rebalance the body and restore vitality for general health and well being
  • Discuss herbal medicine, its history, and status of current research, including how to locate studies in peer-reviewed journals
  • Know limitations and when to refer individuals to their licensed healthcare provider for diagnosis and treatment
  • Discuss and illustrate the structure and form of the body in a healthy state
  • Outline the steps to set up a sustainable working business plan, self management, legal issues, ethics, including AHG ethics, communication, informed consent, marketing, business planning, nutritional, lifestyle, and vitality counseling
  • Understand and identify the mechanical and biochemical changes caused by a variety of diseases or imbalances to be able to address system imbalances and provide education that individuals can use to restore wellness
  • Identify the major active constituents, safety issues, cutural issues, historical uses, research results and current studies, including drug-herb interactions, uses of, herbal preparations and more
  • Understand common issues in plant identification, ethical wildcrafting, sustainable harvesting, and identification
  • Use and understand appropriate medical terminology, that has to do with the profession to facilitate discussion with licensed healthcare providers, to support and assist clients.
  • Work to facilitate integration of CAM into the healthcare system, and understand the appropriate terminology for use with consumers and professionals.
  • Understand and use the professional terminology associated with being a practicing Master Herbalist

Enrollment Options

Master Herbalist Program Distance Learning $970.00
PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Master Herbalist Program eLearning $865.00 - Order Now

eLearning Class Enrollment Instructions


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Section 1 Master Herbalist Program eLearning $320.00 Payment is due 60 days after 1st payment.
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Section 2 Master Herbalist Program eLearning $320.00 Payment is due 60 days after 1st payment. You will be invoiced if payment is not made on time.

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Section 3 Master Herbalist Program eLearning $320.00 Payment is due 60 days after 2nd payment.
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eLearning Class Enrollment Instructions

If payment is not made, within 15 days of billing, or payment being due the student will lose enrollment and class fees will not be refunded. Students agree to payment terms upon enrollment using the payment options. Students are responsible for making payments on time and not all additional materials will be sent until enrollment is finalized.

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