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What's Being said about Heart of Herbs

I have removed names to protect privacy; the testimonials change often so they all have a chance to be read. I have had so many wonderful students and I wish them all well and hope to see them in the future walking their chosen path. It has been my distinct honor and privilege to teach every one of my students. As of Summer 2006 we have had the distinct pleasure of training over 1,000 herbalists and aromatherapists in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, India and other locations all over the world.
Thank you for honoring me.

To say I got a lot from this program is an understatement. I never found anything more that fit me like a glove as well as this program, and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to start saving so I can hopefully, (in the near future!), complete the Master Herbalist program. I was always shifting on what I wanted to do in my life, but I never once wavered in my love for botany, for plants, for mother nature, and my desire to know more. I am elated that I just by chance happened to even find this program, and then on top of that, actually having the money to complete it, just blew my mind, and made me ask myself, 'what am I doing? I should be doing THIS.' And, so here I am, one small step on this journey to become a Master Herbalist, but not even that. Just knowing that I cleared a path to start a life-long journey of learning of the art of herbs, is so exciting. I cannot thank you enough for your fearlessness in starting a program, that not only caters to busy people like myself, but makes it extremely affordable and still covers in great detail and depth, the benefits of herbs. My eyes have been opened, I have a few more things in my repertoire, I have a new found respect and admiration for herbs and botany, and I have renewed my love of God and faith in myself. I found a goal I was willing to work hard to acheive, and I did. Amazingly, I did. I had no idea, in the beginning of this program if I'd succeed as well as I have. And, I thank you. Your programs have instilled a love and a goal in me again.

H.S 2013 CH


This program has been the hardest and most rewarding course of study I have journeyed on so far. I have learned so much about anatomy, botany, chemistry, and the hands on projects have made it incredibly real. It has taken me a very long time to get this far and I still have another section to go to finish the master herbalist program. I also dread it ending as it has taught me so much and this may be the reason I have not moved through it faster. Another reason is there is so much to learn. The concurrent studies have really rounded it out, yet also made me realize that even when I finish this program I will never be done with my learning in this area. I have to remember the wise word of Susun Weed and Rosemary Gladstar that it would take lifetimes to learn everything in this field and to concentrate on local learning and needs as I continue to move forward. I am forever in your debt for giving me the opportunity not just to learn all of this but to take the time to internalize it. The other night at a community meeting a young lady asked me some herbal questions and someone else asked her why she didn’t just get a book on the subject. I was so flattered when she said I was her book and if I didn’t know the answer off the top of my head I would find it for her so why would she want a book and its limitations when she had me. I consider that a tribute to this program because I really had to know the material to do the assignments and use it in real world situations.

Sue P. 2013 MH, AT Graduate

This whole experience has been amazing. Demetria really listened to me and let me blossom into an herbalist I am today. Alex 2013 CH


This program has been, in a word, amazing. I have learned quite a bit about herbs, ethics, wildcrafting, formulations, techniques, and how herbs interact with various systems of the body.  It has also given me the confidence I need to continue to pursue my studies, and wholeheartedly commit myself to the lifelong study of herbalism!

I really appreciated the hands on experiences, as it allowed me to put all that reading into practice. In my mind, there's nothing quite like hands-on work to solidify learning, and the projects helped me gain that solidification throughout the entire program.   The projects also gave me the chance to try out some herbs that had previously been outside of my herbalism comfort zone.  This was one of the most exciting parts of the whole process for me, because it was thrilling to touch, taste, and smell herbs that I hadn't been exposed to prior to enrolling in this program.  One of these herbs was passionflower.  Before this program, I had never worked with it, so I was really excited to finally get ahold of it, and add it to some of my herbal preparations.

I also appreciated the opportunity to read other herbalism texts.  Prior to this course, I had a few books on my "to be read" list, and this program gave me the little push that I needed to finally get around to reading a few of them for the reviews.  It was great to get the chance to read them in depth, and it also spurred my interest in reading the rest of the texts on my list!

I was also surprised by how much I will always need to learn. After spending hours reading, and working with the craft, it has dawned on me that herbalism is a passion that includes a life of learning and honing skills.  This is something that makes me really happy, because it aligns beautifully with my life mantra - to learn something new every day. I am sure that herbalism will not let me down in that way. There is always more to learn, and more to discover, and that is a wonderful thing!

Lastly, these herbalism studies have truly fostered and nurtured my growing interest (no pun intended!) in herbalism.  Prior to beginning this program, I pretty was sure that I liked herbalism. Now, though, I am certain that it is a beloved and lifelong passion.  Knowing that I can help others and myself with these remarkable, natural gifts of the earth is an incredible feeling, and I look forward to learning even more about the subject.  Thank you for teaching me so much about a subject that I have absolutely fallen in love with, this has been a fantastic learning experience!

J. Greenwood CH 2012


I couldn't wait to take this program, and let me tell you I have not be disappointed. It has been so much fun. I really appreciate all of the time she took listen, explain and even take a phone call if I had questions. It has meant the world to me. I live outside of the United States and the education I recieved was accepted by my countries educational body. Beatrice O. 2012


I’ve always been very interested in natural medicine and the relationship between plants and people.  Until I took this course however, I hadn’t yet pursued my interest much on a practical level.  Sure, I’d read a book here and there and learned the information in an encyclopedic way, but although I WANTED to believe in the power of plants, I did not have any first-hand experience in seeing their power. 

 Interestingly, starting this program coincided with the beginning of my own massive health crisis, and so in many ways, I feel it was meant to be that I would learn herbalism at this exact point in my life.  No longer just theoretical, I was literally learning and applying what I was learning to my own body, my own life.  Taking this course and dealing with lyme disease has really taught me everything I already wanted to believe, but did not yet KNOW. 

I truly feel like I owe my life to many herbs.  I honestly do not think that I would be in this state of relatively good health (I function at about 90% these days in comparison to being the wheel-chair bound, crippled girl I was almost a year ago) had it not been for the intelligence of plants.  In particular, I have felt almost immediate benefits from various detoxifying herbs such as dandelion & pokeroot. 

 I also do not believe that I would have recognized the severity of what I was dealing with had it not been for this course.  When I first started the class, I was exhibiting some symptoms, however I blew them off, assuming them to be just normal “aches and pains.”  Upon reading chapter after chapter however, I started to get in tune with my own body more, and even remarked to my sister (an MD) with surprise “UMMM…I think I have issues in ALL of my body’s systems….everything I read, I think I have!”  She laughed and told me that I was just being a typical hypochondriac, but something inside of me told me that I was right, and that something serious was actually going on. 

Turned out, 10 months later, upon my second MAJOR crash, I learned I had lyme disease, a disease which, in an advanced form, literally becomes systemic.  All of my systems WERE being affected!!!!

I decided to put my trust into what I’d been learning.  Herbalism just FELT right to me, and the pharmaceutical route, despite society’s threats that I would die if I didn’t go that route, just felt really wrong to me, so I went with my intuition and have gone natural the entire time.  Taking this course allowed me to apply my own treatments and work with such a large and vast variety of herbs that would do their part to rebalance my body. 

I literally got to work with herbs from each chapter I learned about, and for the first time, could FEEL the truth and the effects of their wisdom and healing powers. 

I’m eternally grateful for the timing of my taking this course, the information I learned, and to all the plants themselves.  Thank you. 


L.P 2012 CH


I couldn't believe all of the information the course contained. I had just finished another herbal program and I was amazed at how much more I learned, from the course, you the student forum and just having a teacher to work with who listened to me. This course taught me 200% more and was half the price.

D. B. (MH graduate)

My work with you has opened so many doors, so many worlds. Thank you for sharing, thank you for being my teacher. Our time has been amazing.


I learned about wild crafting, which I did not know that much about. I thought I new alot already about herbs in general, but I learned so much from this course. Doing and trying out the teas and formulas. I thought the text book is very well written , I am glad I bought it too! I will be using the text book as my "go to" book. I really enjoyed the course , I would suggest this course
to friends and family . Herbs are so important to know about for our health of our bodies and spiritual well being, and our "Mother Earth"
and I want to thank you...."Demetria Clark" for being a teacher.....
and giving me the time to do this , I took longer on this course than I had planned on...so bless you for that....I could really feel in the writing and the online lectures that you are passoniate about herbalism....and that was inspiring for me...

L.E 2011

I am very excited to have this new gift to share. My hope is to continue learning and continue sharing the secrets of the ancients, the healing powers of Mother Earth.a gift to us all.
Rema, RN

I just got my package today. The herb samples are so very generous......I will start reading tonight. I must admit that I skimmed the whole course quickly in the parking lot of the post office. I am so happy ( double grin )
D~ of the desert

Thanks for offering such a wonderful program. I am so excited about this upcoming chapter in my life and having you help me has been amazing.
C in Cincinnati

I have been waiting to take this course with you and let me tell you I glad I saved and made the program a priority. Thank you for being there for me throughout my herbal studies.
A in California

Just want to let you know how much I appreciate the time and effort this takes. I certainly hope this will take off really big for you. As I said before, I have NO herbal experience at all. I am very very excited to learn all I can though. I hope you will find me an acceptable student.

I second Demetria's knowledge in herbs and recommend her course. She is just 'plum' amazing..." I third Demetria's knowledge in herbs!
B. NvwodiWaya (2000)

I got an incredible amount of knowledge that I have been able to apply and chart with my friends being my patients . I can not put into works the feeling in my soul I get while seeing my patients improve day by day from the treatments I implemented. ( sure I got to do stuff on the ambulance but that is what I call crises medicine. You did what you have learned to keep them going for the short term and then turn them over to the long term care, never knowing the finial outcome days later ). I have had a lot of fun these past few months inventing my own formulas and playing with the Just for fun sections of the program. Thank you for making this program Demetria, You have shown to me a path I did not know existed off the road I was traveling. One that I have found fun, exciting and challenging. My intentions are to continue down this new path and se where it leads
Sue (graduate 2001)

Thanks, this time has been amazing. I am so happy we did this together. You made herbs not only fun and exciting but you spoke to my soul. I am so thrilled to start my advanced sections.
Anne (2000)

I have learned more about Aromatherapy in the last three week than I have in the last ten years of "dabbling." You make the materiaI so easy to "absorb" and fun to learn! You truly are a "jewel" in the crown!
C. O'Neal (2005)

"I love the Heart of Herbs CH program. I am learning so much more than I ever dreamed."
Elliot (2008)

"I am so happy with these classes. I wish I could take them all!!"
AR (2007)

"Demetria was present. She worked with me, helped me, assisted me in growing and learning about herbs and herbalism. She listened to me and helped me work through parts of the course that I needed help with. I was afraid that with little kids and never being in college that I couldn't do the work and she was so sweet to me and really supported me in every aspect of the course."
GL (2008)

Demetria, all the help and support you have given me has made my education possible. I loved being able to call and ask questions and email you directly when I needed support.
Y. Lin (2009)

" I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this class. I am finally in a program that fits with my lifestyle. It is so much fun to work through."
LR (2010)

"I was surprised to see the practice of aromatherapy broken down into different diciplines: aesthtic, clinical, holistic, home based, psycho-aromatherapy, etc.  I never thought of it that way or realized how multi-facet it truly is.  And again I was surprised to learn in general how powerful aromatherapy is!  I was surprised to learn how powerful something so gentle as lavender essential oil is! This came across to me when I was reading how patients who received massages with lavender EO twice a week for five weeks experienced a 50 percent reduction in pain.  How incredible is that?  How can anyone not love herbs?  How can people ever think they can live without them?

Thank you for having me do this assignment.  My eyes are open wider to the almost infinate possibilities of aromatherapy and I have a new appreciation for this age old art (and science!)"
TM (2010)