20 Health Issues Flower Essences Can Help With.

20 Health Issues

By: Brianna Egglestone

I selected health issues that I frequently have to work with that are more of a mental, emotional, and spiritual nature. I mostly work with adults but occasionally a parent will bring in their young child for me to treat usually after they have seen doctors that are either not able to help or the conventional treatments are not working.

20 Health Issues:

1. Grief From The Death Of A Loved One – Rue (repels negative attachments during loss), Angelica (seals up the energy field of those who are comprimised), Stinging Nettle (Releases Pain Related To Endings), Pennyroyal (prevents energy from recycling back into the field, helps one to move through grief).

2. Protection From Jealous Energy – Rue (repels negative energies), Angelica (seals up the energy field from the outside), Astragalus (reinforces the personality during assault), Cinquefoil (cleanses the field of imprints that attract dark and depleting personalities to us).

3. Fear & Freight (Child) – Bushy Violet Aster (helps to release attachments to fear), Blessed Thistle (relaxes stress in stomach area, many children carry stress here), Motherwort (for strength), Mamaki Nettle (calms nervousness and strengthens the immune system)

4. After A Soul Retrieval (From Shock & Trauma) – Angelica (seals up the energy field so it is whole again), Arnica (provides stability and grounding after trauma), Maize (helps to ground the soul in the body).

5. Emotional Distress From Relationship Breakup or Divorce – Crimson Bouquet (angelic support for when the heart is heavy), Arunderea (heals past relationship trauma), Red Honor (helps with disappointments for love damages), Rose Quartz (promotes forgiveness).

6. Sadness From Loss Of A Job Or Getting Laid Off – Sobralia Blanco (heals soul sadness), Gloriosa Daisy (eases fears and mental wavering when choosing a new life direction), Rusty (lessons fears for new ventures), Lady’s Mantle (connects us with our life purpose).


7. Insomnia & Inability To Sleep From Stress At Work – Blue Morning Glory (balances activity & rest), Ohia Lehua (allows for deep rest during sleep), Angelica (seals up compromised energy fields), Apnea (assists with sleep disturbances), Vervain (for relaxation before sleep).

8. Bringing The Body Back Into Balance Of It’s Natural Rhythms – Lotus (for spiritual balance), Blue Topaz (brings the entire body into balance), Lavender Trillium (grounding).

9. Embracing The Masculine Side Of Our Nature – Red Hibiscus (spiritualize the masculine soul psyche), White Birch (tempers an aggressive personality), Wild Yam (balances masculine and feminine energies).

10. Embracing The Feminine Side Of Our Nature – White Hibiscus (spiritualizes the feminine soul psyche), Sweet Annie (releases block and trauma related to our feminine side), Wild Yam (balances masculine and feminine energies), Lily of the Valley (restores grace to those that have separated from their feminine side).

11. Moving Into An Older Age (From Mother To Crone) – Costmary (eases life transitions), Datura (experiencing the sacredness of all life), Notylia (assists with spiritual growth), Costmary (eases life transitions).

12. Major Life Change Causing Stress & Anxiety – Datura (helps us feel blessed during major transitions), Huichol Tobacco (supports change), Snowdrop (for feelings of anxiety), Lemon Balm (for relaxation).

13. Fear Of Death & Dying – Small White Aster (Prepares The Soul For Travel), Bushy Violet Aster (eases confusion and the denial of death), Costmary (eases life transitions).

14. Protection From Negative Energy & Curses – Angelica (seals up the energy field so it is whole again), Linden (angelic relief), Cinquefoil (cleanses the field of imprints that attract dark and depleting personalities to us), Rue (repels negative energies).

15. Hope For Life & Trusting The Universe – Borelia (trust that life is an unfolding of destiny), Bellflower (helps us to trust ourselves and our inner guidance), Pearl (emotional balance), Lilac (lifts hopelessness and gloom).

16. Financial & Money Stress / Worry – Ruby (for manifesting needed resources), Malachite (for abundance), Lemon Balm (releases stress), Datura (eases obsessive thinking).

17. Letting Go & Releasing Anger – Garlic (repels parasitic energies so more anger does not accumulate), Washington Hawthorn (helps to release unconscious self-directed anger), Wild Bergamot (brings repressed anger to the surface), Wood Lily (helps us reconnect with health, positive expressions of anger).

18. Lack Of Motivation To Take Care Of One Self & Make Healthy Changes – Black Cherry (brings strength and enthusiasm), Hickory (helps those who wish to change but cannot), Cowslip (helps to release old thought forms that block self-love), Redwood (releases fear of change)

19. Headaches & Migraines From Mental Stress & Overthinking – Datura (eases obsessive thinking), Shasta Daisy (clears confusion and mental fatigue), Baneberry (helps to calm hyperactive states), Small Postman (helps us to maintain calm when handling many details).

20. Moving Through The Feeling Of Loneliness & Being Alone – Bushy Violet Aster (Lessens fear of being alone or forsaken), Loostrife (helps with isolation), Water Snowflake (helps us to see the unity in all things), Indian Pipe (for stages when we feel unloved).


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