475 Herbal and Aromatherapy Recipes
475 Herbal and Aromatherapy Recipes

Demetria Clark, Master Herbalist makes my life more pleasant and easier with this compilation of knowledge of uses for herbs.  Her specialties include pregnancy and birth, nursing and children.  Demetria has a full schedule as mother, wife, midwife, doula, aromatherapy, traditional medicine maker, and Director of Heart of Herbs Herbal School along with Birth Arts International. 

Whoa, this one surprised me.  I love, love, love recipe books and this one is especially helpful as it is chalk full of  recipes geared toward the family including household recipes to replace dangerous chemicals and save me money.  I was especially pleased to find recipes for young children and infants.

I immediately looked for recipes for things I would like.  These would include aromatherapy as I just received my new diffuser, bath oils and bath salts, foot scrubs, salves, essential oils, tinctures, infusions, compresses and teas.  It is a very comprehensive book.  Each recipe section is complete with information on how to make these items without use of expensive equipment utilizing simple household mixers, cups and double boilers or merely water in the bottom of a pan with a cup on top.  Almost anyone can mix up powdered milk with honey melted into bath water or sea salt with essential oils for a soak to relieve sore muscles or simply calm down after a rough day.

My grandma taught me that chamomile was soothing and would help us to sleep so I shared some with her every night before bed until she checked herself into the Manor at age 100.  I have introduced this sweet, apple flavor to my grandchildren and they now love it as well.  This publication taught me how to extend my use of the prized chamomile.  I now know there are two different kinds and it is useful in hair care products and it can add highlights while working as an anti-fungal and antibacterial application.  It is also useful in shampoo, skin soothing oils, shingles rinse, athletes’ foot powder, sore muscle salve, aromatherapy for worrying, tantrums in children, mental strain, overactive mind, nervous exhaustion, etc. etc. etc.  Recipes for all of these and more utilizing chamomile are included in this book.  The only thing that might make it easier for me would be if there were an index list for individual herbs so while working with one favorite herb at a time, I could see additional recipes I may also make.  Loving the book and expecting to use it quite a bit.  This one will sit on my kitchen counter for easy access.

Dona S. is a Heart of Herbs Student.

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