Aromatherapist Jobs

Aromatherapist Jobs

Students often ask, “What can I do with my Certification in Aromatherapy?

What kind of Aromatherapist jobs exists?

Lots of Aromatherapist Jobs exist. Although,  remember that just having a certification or experience doesn’t mean you automatically get the job. Like any other job, the employer hires you. We can write educational referrals, and sometimes personal recommendations, but you are still getting hired based on your skills and experience. Make sure you have a concise and up to date resume.

What are some of the career opportunities one can embark upon after receiving an education in Aromatherapy?

Depending on your other skills, like being a physician, nurse, midwife, therapist, etc., it can be combined with your other job, or you can work as an aromatherapist solely.

Opportunities can include:

  •  Aroma-therapeutic counseling or therapy.
  •  Participating in a Holistic Health Clinical Practice or incorporating it into your medical or health practice.
  •  Establishing an Aromatherapy consulting business. 
  •  Corporate Aromatherapist.
  •  Essential oil purchaser.
  •  Essential oil wholesaler.
  •  Formulating and blending for an essential oil company.
  •  Running your own essential oil company.
  •  Selling your own essential oil products.
  •  Retailing essential oils. 
  •  Becoming an author.
  •  Writing articles for blogs, newspapers, health magazines, professional papers.
  •  Taking better care of your own and loved ones’ well-being.
  •  Aromatherapy products business, like cosmetics, toiletries, medicinal products, candles, etc.
  •  Aromatherapy retailer.
  •  Aromatherapy buyer for an essential oil company.
  •  Essential oil quality control.
  •  Essential oil commodities purchaser.

aromatherapist jobs

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