Aromatherapy and Children-Jessica Johnson

Aromatherapy and Children

Student  Article by Jessica Johnson

calendulaOne of the reasons that I got into Aromatherapy is for my kids.  My eldest child has asthma and was recently diagnosed with ADHD.  My boy, having asthma at a really young age, (symptoms started at 6 months old) it was scary seeing my first baby struggle to breathe.  The doctors helped so much, they educated me very well on how to handle his asthma, and him when he is having issues, and it’s scarier for them then for us.  My biggest issue with all of this was the steroids that my little guy had to go on when it got really bad.  He would gain weight even though his eating didn’t change, he would be so “wired” that he couldn’t sleep.  After the second time he was on steroids I did a little research, I knew of herbs and teas that could help, but getting a 6-9 month old to drink a horrible flavor of a tea is easy it’s the 1-2 year old that makes it a little more difficult.  So I looked for other ways that people used to help not only themselves but kids as well.  The first thing that I found was a question on Mother Earth Living(1) site online, which talked about using Lavender Oil to help, Ok well know I need to get some lavender oils is what I said to myself.  But then I kept on looking up asthma and essential oils and found so much information, so I got a book or three on essential oils and Aromatherapy.  When I first got a good blend together, I brought it to the doctors told them what was in it and how I planned on using on my son, our doctor is very supportive, he asked if he could do some research on my sons asthma control with the aromatherapy and we are now doing that.  Since, I have been doing this routine with my son he has only had to go on steroids twice in the last three years, which is a big improvement for us seeing he was on it at least twice a year( depending on the weather).

My big guy was diagnosed with ADHD this past November with having such good results with his asthma I decided that I should look up ADD/ADHD and aromatherapy.  Along with his doctor we came up with great way to help him, not only learn when he is “losing his cool” but what else he needs to learn to live with ADD/ADHD.   In my findings with looking up essential oils and ADD/ADHD I stumbled upon a website call Common Scents Mommy (2), there was a lot of information that with more research I found to be right on target.  I am not one who just reads something and believes it I need more than just one person’s word.  My son now has his own “scent” and he loves it.  I also brought this blend to the doctor and we again came up with a great plan that helped all of us in learning how to help my son with this in his life.

As a result, for just one person in my family aromatherapy has changed his life for the better.  With him not being on steroids we are not worried as much about the long term effects it will have on him when he gets older, actually that being for both the asthma and the ADD/ADHD issues that he has.  Yes, aromatherapy is something that has to be worked into you lifestyle and it takes time, but taking time to make a blend for my son, taking the time to give my son a massage, its less time than me worrying about if this is the right thing to do for my son then putting him on pills that will, either kill his liver or kidney, or bother his joints and muscles when he is older.  It is less time, feeling sorry for him for the so many other issues that could happen to him with him taking that kind of meds on a daily basis.  Besides a little more time with your baby no matter how old they are is always a blessing.



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