Aromatherapy, more than just smellavision!

Aromatherapy, more than just smellavision!

By Sue Pollington

On the television there are all kinds of air freshener, laundry freshener, room freshener, and car freshener ads. They are selling candles, plug ins, dryer sheets, and basically smells. The focus of their ads claim everything needs to be covered up with another smell, to make it more habitable. I don’t know about you, but in my house I clean first, then I chose how I want things to smell. I admit that in a pinch covering up does help, if there is no time to clean up.

Our topic today is aromatherapy. I am a Master Aromatherapist. This means I went to school, specifically the school I went to was the Heart of Herbs School for this certification. I studied all kinds of anatomy specific to the olfactory system, and all kinds of chemistry in regard to aroma, plants, flowers, perfumes, etc. I also studied about how to make aroma’s in different forms and what they do and invoke. It was a terrific and wonderful course of study. I assist people in using aromatherapy in their lives to promote health and wellness through the Pollington Healing Institute PLLC. I teach classes on aromatherapy and how to use it, as well is doing individual consultations.

Aromatherapy is the use of fragrance to create health and wellness. For example, smelling Rosemary essential oil can relieve headaches, including migraines, increase memory, and improve alertness all with no caffeine or chemicals that can cause harm. Orange Valencia essential oil when smelled can elevate mood and increase energy without taking pills. Smelling peppermint essential oil can calm upset stomaches and reduce nausea as can ginger essential oil. Smelling ginger essential oil can make you warmer as well along with cinnamon essential oil. These are just a few examples out of thousands, for the uses of aromatherapy. Blending fragrances is limitless and so are the benefits.

Beware of artificial fragrances though, as they will not provide the health benefits and actually may complicate conditions. That’s why it’s imperative to work with a Certified Aromatherapist or Certified Master Aromatherapist to get the best results for what you seek.

Aromatherapy has existed and been documents as far back as ancient Egypt. Aromatherapy was considered a medicinal technique. Today it is less well know, but remains highly valuable. I encourage you to explore this topic more fully.

Please feel free to contact me is you would like more information or would like a consultation. I can be reached by phone (no text please) at 406-217-5222, or email or on my facebook page Pollington Healing Institute PLLC.

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