Bees We LOVE You!!!

Bees We Love You!

I love bees. I think bees hold the key to our planet’s well-being. Bees are so important to our world’s health and to our well-being. Bees remind me each summer how much in love the flowers are with the sun each year. Their is something comforting about bees swarming and hearing their beautiful song in the summer.

Plant the following plants to encourage bee health and planetary health. These plants are also good for us too. We can use them in medicine and food. These insects and herbs are the perfect combination.



Lavender- soothing, beautiful purple flowers, dries well.

Catnip/Catmint-  Relaxant. Lovely flowers and cat’s love it.

Sage- Culinary herb, relaxing, anxiety reducing. Beautiful green foliage.

Cilantro- Culinary herb, it has been said to combat anxiety and sleeplessness.

Borage- I love this fresh herb in salads.

Thyme- Great for sore throats, antibacterial and wonderful in cooking.

Fennel- Sweet teas, culinary uses abound, and for gas and upset stomachs.

Calendula- these can be used in salves, infusions and great for all sorts of skin issues.



Asylum, Poppy, Sunflower, Zinnia, Cleome, Marigold, Cosmos, Hollyhocks and Heliotrope, Cosmos, Geraniums


Asters, Clover, Dahlias, Foxglove, Crocus, Roses, Anemone, and Snowdrops. Yarrow, Echinacea, Hyssop and the mint family herbs are also great editions to the healing garden.

Do your world a favor and plant some of these lovely plants and make a difference in your world. Every time I am in the garden I see bees loving and swarming all over these plants.

The great thing about these listed plants is that they are a gorgeous addition to any garden. They are beautiful, fragrant and have lots of uses, other that just being pretty.

The most wonderful honey bee plants provide a good supply of sweet nectar and protein-rich pollen. These are  sought after by these and other long-tongued insects.