Being a Media Superstar!

Working with the Media
All new practitioners are faced with the possibility of media and making a name for themselves. Often new students want to know how to market their practice. These are a few great tips for herbalist and aromatherapists when it comes to media relations.
Here are some easy tips.

Media Relations- How To!
Media Relations- How To!

Making Contact
Television- Each major station will have a local affiliate. Try searching “NBC affiliate {your city name}, or if you know search the stations call letters. Visit the contact page, and find the phone number for the contact desk. Ask to speak to the assignment desk, and get their names. Other roles you can ask for all “health reporter” “morning show producer”, or “gardening, household reporter” or an assignment editor.

Radio– Research the station and directly contact the local stations, send your story ideas to the hosts or producers directly.

Newspapers– Do the same as you did with the television, and call the paper and ask who to be directed to, a metro or city editor, health or family reporter. Send the person you are directed to a pitch or speak to them professionally. Contact Alternative health magazines and papers in your region.

Write a Press Release
A press release lets local media know of your events, news, etc..
Here are some links they explain how to write a great press release.
Make sure your press release is direct, to the point and snazzy.
Do not have typos, or industry only language.
Make sure you have all of your contact information.
Send it to all media outlets that you want to know about what you are doing.
Do not limit yourself to one town paper. Just because one editor does not have time for your story, or is not interested does not mean another will not be.

Follow up calls
Make sure the said media outlets got your message.
If they ask you to call back, or express interested make sure you do just that.
Add that persons name to a media contact list.
If they are not interested do not keep calling.

Media Relations
If you are nervous and don’t know what to say, email Demetria, she can even on a weekend take a few minutes and talk to you about talking to the media.
Make sure you tell them you are working with Heart of Herbs Herbal School. People who read articles always want to know where they can get trained too, or who you are working with.

Interview Clothes
Be comfortable and yourself. Remember though how to dress and act will follow you for ever.

Be yourself
You are fabulous just the way you are. Some outlets will ask you to submit the questions you want ask, make them good.
“What is an herbalist?” “What does an aromatherapist do” “What are essential oils?”
Do not be baited into any type of provider bashing, or personal kinds of debates.
Be calm, clear and rational.
Make sure you have good answers to the obvious like “What is a herbalist”, “Why is it/are they important?”