Birth Arts International Workshops

We have some wonderful workshops coming up for Doula, Postpartum Doula and Childbirth education.

What does BAI cover? Some of the following topics and much, much more.

Insurance Reimbursement Code of Ethics and Grievance Policy

Birth Attendance

Resource Lists for clients

Hospital Visit and evaluation

Effective Client Handouts

Client Confidentiality

Photo Release

Complimentary Birth Support Techniques

Doula Bag


Rebozo Demo

Rebozo Comfort Measures

Labor Support Doula Bag

Business Planning Business Plan

Business Materials

Dealing with Death Death

Beliefs About Birth

Natural Progressions of Labor

Normal Labor and Delivery

Stages of Labor

Beliefs about birth

Birth Art Way of the Doula

What is a Doula Support Person’s Top 10

What Is A Doula?



VBAC Studies, success and support Childbirth Education Series

Nature study of Pregnancy

Care Providers

Unassisted Birth

Herbal Infusions


Recipes- Student resources for clients.

Induction- causes, preventions, etc..

Labor- Late Pregnancy Interventions- studies

Are there any safe drugs during pregnancy and labor?

Labor (late pregnancy)  anatomy, physiology, care and support.

Birth Stories

Immediate Postpartum- care, anatomy, physiology, etc..

Postpartum health, nutrition and issues are covered.

Breastfeeding, breastfeeding support and nutrition.

Breast anatomy, and positioning is also covered.

Check out a BAI workshop you may find something you love.