Bites and Stings Oh My!

Bites and Stings Oh My!

Student Article By- Kandi Roeske

Oddly enough, as I sat down to write this article my quiet, calm home changed instantly. My three year old came to the back door desperately crying. He had been stung by wasps. This is the second time he has gotten into a nest in the last year and I am so very thankful, due to my interest and education of essential oils, both times I knew what to do.  I went for my blend of:

• Citronella1- sedative, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, bug repellent

• Lemongrass3,4- anti-inflammatory and stress relieving • Rosemary cineol4- cleanser, muscle pain relief, antiseptic, treats neuralgia

• Melaleuca4- anti bacterial, to relieve itch, as a mild anesthetic, used for insect bites, antiseptic

• Lavandin5- strong antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, to sterilize, and in my experience, although I can   find no research support, other than my own use, I believe Lavandin like Lavender6, neutralizes toxins of  stings and bites.


• Myrtle7- antiseptic, bactericidal, and slightly sedative The actions I have included for the above oils are only a partial list.

This is my “Bug blend”. I use it for bites, stings, and to repel most insects. For bites and stings I use it neat.  I placed this neat on the sting itself while praying and calling on the Creator himself.  My son calmed almost immediately after the first application, and the swelling started to go down shortly after. I will be following up every few hours today with another application of this this blend and prayer, and then tomorrow with lavender6 (antiseptic, relaxing, analgesic, stimulates healing and cell growth, neutralizes toxins from bites and stings.) Every few hours until the evidence of the sting is completely gone. Evidence of the sting may be gone in the first day, or it may take a week or more. It seems each person reacts in their own way.

I believe from my personal experiences, it may depend on the amount of venom injected and a person’s individual reaction to stings. The reaction may be based on health and personal diet. The first time this happened with my son he was two and it was five stings. The oils helped mom and child to cope well with the situation and his stings were hardly noticeable the next day.

For a repellent, I mix the blend with water and keep in a dark glass spray bottle. My two oldest boys had a mission trip to the Philippians where mosquitos are plentiful and dangerous. They took this blend with them, sprayed on their netting before bed and amazed the locals with how few insects were in their room. My boys said after using the spray, they probably could have forgone the netting, but that was what they had put the spray on!

After their 10 day trip traveling among several islands and using this blend as a repellent, I am happy to report there were no insect bites on either of the for the duration of the trip.  I have been using herbs, oils and some forms of natural remedies for almost 10 years.

Although the American mainstream medical establishment has their place, I in l would like to see more desire cure the problem and not to just treat the symptoms. I am very pleased to see natural remedies more abundant, and more studied. Essential Oils have been in my first aid kit and a part of my daily life for most of those 10 years now. I am sure that this is part of the reason my family is now healthier and has stronger immune systems. My husband and I have six children at home, ranging from 3-18 years of age, all homeschooled, with one in college.

Kandi Roeske

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