Chickenpox Herbs

Chickenpox Herbs

When it comes to Chickenpox I always break out my chickenpox herbs and recipes. Chickenpox can often be helped really easily with these chickenpox herbs and recipes. Chickenpox, caused by the Varicella zoster virus, is one of those highly contagious childhood diseases that almost all healthy children recover from; mild cases only require that you treat the symptoms. Most kids with chickenpox will have sores on the trunk, arms, and legs; headache; moderate fever; loss of appetite; and general malaise. Infants often do not have many of these symptoms. In adults, chickenpox is dangerous and can be fatal.

An easy, soothing way to relieve itching is an oatmeal bath. Pour three cups of rolled oats or two cups of dried Avena sativa in a nylon stocking or a piece of cheesecloth and tie securely. If you have ground ginger, dried lavender, or slippery elm, add one-half cup to the oat sachet. These herbs soothe the nervous system and help prevent itching. Drop the sachet into the bathtub while you draw a hot bath. Wait twenty minutes, or until the water is the appropriate temperature, before letting your child soak in the tub. Or, use one to three drops of the essential oil of lavender or tea tree in the bath instead of oats or herbs.

Chickenpox Herbs

Some other chickenpox herbs include burdock, red clover, and valerian, taken in tea or tincture form. Burdock and red clover soothe and cleanse the skin; valerian relaxes the nervous system and lessens the need to scratch. 

One or two cups of tea a day made with any of these herbs is an appropriate dose for kids younger than six years of age. Older kids may drink two or three cups per day. If you’re using the tincture form of the herbs, follow the dosage on the bottle.

chickepox herbs


Reassure the child that the “bumps” are not serious and will go away in a week or so. Sometimes the biggest challenges with chickenpox is making sure the child isn’t scratching themselves. 

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