Clay Poultice

Clay Poultice

This clay poultice recipe is extracted from Herbal Healing for Children: A Parent’s Guide to Treatments for Common Childhood Illnesses, by Demetria Clark. 
Poultices are an excellent first aid remedy for first aid, blemishes, and bites.

Yield: Enough for 1 or 2 poultices.
clay poultice heart of herbs

As the clay mixture dries on the skin, it pulls toxins and pus from stings and bites to keep the pain from spreading.

One tablespoon bentonite clay
One teaspoon echinacea root tincture
One teaspoon chamomile tincture
One teaspoon plantain tincture
12 drops lavender essential oil
Put the clay in the container you will use for storage. Make sure the container has a well fitting lid and is large enough to store the whole blend. Gradually add the tinctures, stirring between each addition, so the clay absorbs the liquid. Sprinkle with the lavender oil, stirring to distribute it evenly in the clay mixture. Covered tightly and stored at room temperature, Clay Poultice will keep for 3 to 4 months. You can also refrigerate it. If the clay dries out, sprinkle it with some distilled water to reconstitute it.
Application Instructions: For children ten years of age and older: Dab onto the affected areas, allow to dry, and wipe off with warm water.

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