Comfrey More Than Just a Healing Herb- Student Article

Comfrey More Than Just a Healing Herb

by Cate Loetscher      

On my small farm I have a garden staple; comfrey aka “knitbone”. I use it in various ways from drying it for my herbal compounds to feeding it to my animals. So let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits of this simple plant.

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Medicinally it has the following properties; it’s a great demulcent, expectorant, vulnerary, astringent and tonic. What does all that mean; it heals wounds both inside and out. It can be used in various forms from fresh to dried, in oils, and salves. The uses and ways to use it depend upon the necessity of it, so use wisely. Now I must tell you the FDA says that it can harm you. But I have found that when used with care comfrey is a very safe herb and super easy to grow in your garden.

Comfrey also is very high in Vitamin B 12, as well as containing the following properties; potassium, sulphur, calcium, iron, phosphorus, Vit A, C, B complex, Selenium, germanium, mucilaginous fiber, and is an excellent source of protein.  The mucilage and allantois properties of the plant are anti-inflammatory making it a wonderful herb for healing.

As an animal feed comfrey has 26% crude protein, and has only 10.9% of its dry weight accounts as fiber. The B-12 in comfrey is the highest of any feed given to animals, and is great for non-ruminants like pigs and chickens as they can easily digest this lovely green herb sheep like it as well.  It has been said that you can replace up to 10% of a chickens feed with comfrey and up to 50% of a pigs feed with comfrey and just think of all those healthy nutrients going into the animals and being passed on in their eggs and meat!

My husband and I have personally fed sick animal’s comfrey and been amazed at how they have recovered from their problems by simply adding comfrey to their diet. In one instance it helped a ewe beat an infection and finish raising her twin lambs.

Now don’t just take my word on it, check out some of the many sites on line and in books that can grow your understanding of comfrey! Then get growing it because it has so many fabulous uses.  Here are just a couple of sites for you to check out;,,


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