Aromatherapy Diffusers

diffuserAromatherapy Diffusers by Michelle Jefferson

I have chosen to discuss aromatherapy diffusers and their benefits both medicinally and emotionally. Some of the methods of receiving the beneficial properties of essential oils can be through steam diffusers; candle diffusers; lamp ring diffusers, electric diffusers; nebulizers; terra cotta diffusers; applying essential oils to a tissue and inhaling; and inhalation directly from a bottle of mixed essential oils meant for such purposes. The use of essential oils through diffusion for medicinal purposes can be ideal for cold suffers and those with anxiety, stress or depression to name a few. The emotional benefits of diffused essential oils can be used to set the stage for studying, intimacy, relaxation, celebration, general enjoyment and also for spiritual and religious purposes to name a few. To further examine the benefits of aromatherapy through a diffuser, I decided to set up an experiment for myself.
I suffer from a heart condition and a mild form of anxiety that together, can exacerbate my breathing to the point where I feel like I am suffocating, this is due to not getting a full inhalation of breath throughout my lungs. After choosing this topic to write about, I decided to purchase a steam diffuser to see how well it would alleviate my symptoms. Deciding that the use of lavender essential oil would be of greatest benefit, I set up the diffuser and sat at a safe distance from the steam so I could breathe it in. After a few minutes of breathing in the lavender-infused steam, I began to notice that my heart rate was slowing down, that I felt calmer and was able to take in full and deep breaths. The diffuser not only aided me with medical issues, but it also boosted my mindset emotionally by giving me a sense of relaxation and peace.
With each method of diffusion comes its own advantage(s) and disadvantage(s) that will be explored next. To start, the advantages of steam diffusers is that they not only provide moisture for the air, but the scent is immediately released for inhalation; the area they can cover is a large room. The disadvantage of steam diffusers is that the properties of the essential oils can be lost through the heating process of the steam, rendering them less effective (Aromatherapy, n.d.). The advantage of the candle diffuser is that the scent is immediately released for inhalation; however, the disadvantages are like that of the steam diffuser and also that essential oils are flammable, in consideration of the open flame (Aromatherapy, n.d.). The advantages of lamp ring diffusers is that the scent is relatively immediate and they are affordable; the disadvantages are that lamp rings aren’t a one size fits all and any exposure of the essential oils to the bulb could result in it breaking (Aromatherapy, n.d.).
The advantages of electric diffusers is that they can, “more effectively disperse the aromas of thicker oils such as Sandalwood and Patchouli”; the disadvantages are like that of the steam diffuser (Aromatherapy, n.d.). The advantages of nebulizers are that they, “break the oils down into smaller molecules,” which provide an optimum means of receiving the benefits of the essential oils (Aromatherapy, n.d.). This disadvantages of nebulizers is that they can become clogged up with the use of thicker essential oils and the replacement cost of parts is high (Aromatherapy, n.d.). The advantages of terra cotta diffusers is that they are convenient to use almost anywhere, they do not require being plugged in and they can displayed as an art piece as some come in the form of various, pleasing shapes. The disadvantage of terra cotta diffusers is that they can break if dropped and the level of scent emitting from them cannot be regulated (Aromatherapy, n.d.).
The advantage of applying essential oils to a tissue for inhalation is that it is quick, convenient and can be done anywhere. The disadvantage of tissue is that the aroma can dissipate quickly and it is only beneficial for direct inhalation rather than scenting an entire room. Lastly, the benefits of inhalation directly from a bottle is the same as the tissue application, however the disadvantage of this is the caution that needs to be exercised so that the contents do not spill, nor be left open for long periods so that the beneficial properties lose their effect. Experiencing the benefits of essential oils through most any diffusion method is quite easy and effective for the novice, to the more experienced; each method is unique enough that it provides individuals ample opportunity to experience several to find their preferred one. Diffusers are a great way for those who have little experience with essential oils to be introduce to them and experience immediately their benefits; opening a new door of possibilities to other aromatherapy methods.


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