Elderflower Honey

Elderflower Honey

With May coming right around the corner, we can get excited because, so with it comes Elderflowers! These beautiful flowers always make me so happy when I see them in the early rushes of bloom. I love walking down backroads, and along pastures and seeing all of these glorious tufts of flowers knowing that the berries are soon to follow. This powerhouse remedy, Elderflower Honey is not only easy to make but makes a wonderful remedy to have one hand for sore throats, early-season colds and flu,  allergies, upper respiratory ailments, topically for skin problems and immune boosting goodness.

Elderberry (Sambucus) is a large shrub or bush, that is native to the Americas and Europe. The bush provides gorgeous tufts of flowers and bluish-black fruit in bunches that are used in syrups, gummies, wines, cordials, juices, jellies, and jams.  Many people love working with the elderberry and don’t always remember that the flower is really powerful too.

Elderflower Honey ©Madeleine Steinbach
©Madeleine Steinbach

Elderflower Honey

You need three ingredients for this recipe.

2 cups Elderflowers, FRESH, give or take depending on the size of your jar.

High Quality Honey, at least enough to cover your flowers.

Lemon Sliced or 3 tablespoons dried rosehips (both of these offer an additional bonus or extra flavor and vitamin C)

Yes, that is it.

Fill a large canning jar with the Elderflower, about 3/4 full.

Cover with honey until the honey is about an inch higher than the elderflower. As the honey is poured in it will compress the flowers. Add 1 sliced lemon or 1/2 sliced lemon or rosehips depending on the size of the jar. Make sure it is all covered with honey.

After 2 weeks strain the honey and use in teas, granola, on fruit because it tastes great and has so many benefits. Honey is not recommended for infants and small children. Please follow appropriate honey guidelines.

Elderflower honey ©Madeleine Steinbach
©Madeleine Steinbach


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