Emotional Healing using Flower Essences in Public Health Threats Situations

Emotional Healing using Flower Essences in Public Health Threats Situations

Rachad Atat, October 2014 ©
On TV, in newspapers, on social media, and everywhere, people are talking about the same thing and are worried about the same public health threat: Is the Ebola pandemic outbreak inevitable in America?
When patient zero carrier of Ebola virus was identified to be the first case of Ebola in the US, many informed people have rushed to stocking up on antiviral herbs and natural medicine, as well as pandemic preparedness tools that will help them prepare for a possible pandemic outbreak. In just one single day, many supplements that I was intending to buy skyrocketed in price and became out of stock. Imagine, what would have happened if an official announcement told people to prepare themselves for several months from a possible pandemic outbreak?
Studying Dr Bach flower remedies, I thought that some of the remedies can be very suitable for such situations. But first, let me introduce you to flower essences.
Flower essences are considered to be the life force of a plant, the energy that the pant uses to survive celestial and environmental factors at its stage of blossoming. This energy and vibrational pattern, which work in harmony with our body, can interact with our willingness to change since we have a harmony between our soul and nature. The flower energy can help to channel the negative virtues, conflicts and defects we may have into positive patterns, behavior and opposing virtues, that will help to put an end to our emotional sufferings, grieves, and distress to harmonize our soul with our physical body.

Dr Edward Bach, a bacteriologist and a reputed physician and homeopathic doctor, was dissatisfied with how conventional medicine was approaching ill patients, treating their physical symptoms rather than treating them on a holistic level. He always believed that emotional conflicts can create the perfect environment for diseases to form. If a patient approaches his illness in a more positive attitude, his chances of recovery are much higher than someone who allows the disease to take over. If we become angry at someone, we may start shaking, and become red, our blood pressure and heart rate increase, and our stress hormones levels skyrocket, strengthening the diseases further.
By removing the emotional defects we have, we can free ourselves from negative emotions, behaviors and moods, and we can prevent diseases from forming in the first place.
Flower remedies can be of great help when it comes to such health crisis situations like the Ebola outbreak.
When people constantly hear that the virus is spreading quickly and becoming out of control of the health agencies, people keep thinking about these worrying thoughts that go round and round in their minds. White Chestnut remedy can help such people calm their worries, and put them back in control of their own lives. Some people might feel exhausted from just thinking about what could happen in case the virus spreads in America, and such thoughts can put them down to the point they can no longer carry on their daily tasks. These people would require Hornbeam remedy that will help lift their spirits. Mimulus remedy can also be useful for people who are scared from the virus itself.
Many people who do not know about flower essences at least know about the famous Rescue Remedy. It is a mixture of five different flower essences: Star of Bethlehem for shock, Rock Rose for terror and panic, Clematis for faintness, Imaptiens for undue agitation, and Cherry Plum for loss of self-control and hysteria. Rescue remedy is very useful in emergency crisis situations and usually acts very quickly in calming us and putting us back in control.
People who keep worrying about what would happen about their loved ones might very well benefit from Red Chestnut. Imagine a mother terrified on her children from the outbreak, her children will be also terrified but not from the outbreak but from their mother’s terror and panic. Red Chestnut will help calm the mother’s exaggerated fears for her children.
What I like about the flower essences is their usage simplicity. Just add two drops from each of the stock bottle you buy from shop (4 drops from the Rescue remedy) into a 30 ml treatment bottle, and top it up with mineral or spring water. This treatment bottle can last up to two weeks by taking two drops from it directly on tongue or adding it to your favorite beverage.
Who said that medicinal and food preparedness are the only required things to protect ourselves? Start protecting yourself emotionally as well so disease can take no place in our own physical body.
About the Author:
Rachad Atat is a certified Herbalist from Heart of Herbs Herbal School and a certified Aromatherapist from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. He is in the editorial committee of the Super Brand Award winning magazine “Mother Baby & Child based in Dubai, UAE. He is a current student in Flower Essence Certification Program at Heart of Herbs Herbal School. He enjoys learning about anti-aging and longevity remedies and therapies.


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