Enhancing Reiki Treatments with Essential Oils

Enhancing Reiki Treatments with Essential Oils By Kami Marceau

Reiki is a form of energy balance and healing. Although it is not a religion, it is very spiritual. What a Reiki treatment feels like varies from person to person. The majority of people receiving and giving Reiki tend to at least feel deep relaxation. A Reiki treatment is given with feelings of love and positivity and is a non-invasive touch therapy. Therefore, it is very safe.


I deeply believe that the safe use of essential oils can and does enhance the Reiki treatments that I have given. I have diffused frankincense essential oil in the room when I give treatments to my friends and family. I find that when I have used the frankincense, the person receiving Reiki has some sort of emotional or spiritual release. I have also applied a drop or two of lavender essential oil to my hands right before giving a Reiki treatment and find that whoever is receiving has deeper feelings of peace and relaxation. I came across this webpage ( http:/www.57aromas.com/kb/display/215 ) that was really interesting to me as I am also interested in working more with chakras. I am fairly new to Reiki and aromatherapy and have already seen wonderful results from both. As I learn more and more about the uses of essential oils, I try them with my small, but growing Reiki practice.

Living in New Hampshire can be a little depressing, both physically and emotionally during the long, cold, darker winter months. I plan to try combinations of oils this winter. Maybe one of the uplifting citrus oils like bergamot in the diffuser would work well with lavender on my hands to create a better outlook for people in NH in February.

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