Essential Oils Benefits in Conjunction with Subtle Energy Practice

Essential Oils Benefits in Conjunction with Subtle Energy Practice 

Teresa Roberts

Essential oils have been utilized for centuries for the health, benefit, and treatment of human beings and animals. They are known for their beneficial properties, are used as an anti-histamine, anti-septic, analgesics, anti-biotics, and anti-inflammatory.

Essential oil applications range from aromatherapy, massage, perfumes, teas, liniments, soaps, and shampoos. All of these applications and uses are effective because essential oils connect with humans physiologically because of their effect on the body, but also our psychology and our spirituality.

Smelling a specific fragrance can take us back to a pleasant, happy memory, which leaves us feeling calm, relaxed, and happy; or we will recall an unhappy, unpleasant painful memory that makes us tense, irritable, and stressed. The explanation for these completely differing responses to the same fragrance can be attributed to the energy or frequency that not only runs through the human body, but surrounds it as well.

Aromatherapy is another adjunct therapy or modality that can be a beneficial partner in the practice of Energy Medicine/Vibrational Therapy. The use of scents, in conjunction with Energy Healing is based in part, on the theory that each different scent operates at a unique frequency. The aromatic frequencies affect the body by working with the body’s own frequencies in creating calm, healing, or energizing effects.


Essential oils have the ability to affect not only our energy body, but also the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of humans. They protect the outer edges of the energy field. As an example, when essential oil is used in conjunction with Energy Healing, the colors in the auric field become more vivid and clear, indicating a shift in the density, and therefore clearing the congested energy. This assists in maintaining a state of balance and equilibrium, instead of a state of dis-ease.

Memories, whether positive or negative, also affect our energy field. A happy thought or event, love, tenderness, doing things that are fun, all have a positive impact on our interior and exterior energy fields; and our brain (memory) can recall those memories by hearing a song associated with that memory, or seeing a landscape scene, or smelling a certain aroma.

Our bodies also remember and hold onto events in our lives, and not just our current lives, but also our previous lives. The event our body remembers affects our energy fields and therefore our physical bodies as well. If the event of memory is traumatic, our bodies do not function in a dynamic state of equilibrium and balance, and our energy fields becomes congested, and even damaged.

White Angelica, which is a blend of over 20 oils, carries a high vibration that can protect the energy field from energy assaults and negative intentions. We respond to the frequency or vibrational properties of oils, not just to the oil’s chemistry or fragrance.

Essential oils can cleanse, release and balance thoughts and emotions, which can clear the “fight or flight” nervous system response. This can then clear the traumatic or negative memories and aide in a calm, relaxed response, which will in turn restore balance. The use of essential oils for this modality of healing is called Subtle Aromatherapy.

Subtle Aromatherapy uses essential oils by applying them to the chakras and meridians, which are the energetic pathways in the body, to restore erratic cellular vibration to its original, healthy pattern by persuasive resonance.  This correction will in turn assist in correcting the imbalance of connecting and corresponding energy centers.

The goal is to help people feel better, to work towards a state of balance, equilibrium, spiritual wellbeing, and oneness with the Universe and Spirit. Energy Healing/Vibrational Therapy, Aromatherapy, Subtle Aromatherapy, Massage are all modalities that assist us in this goal.


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