My new favorite essential oil and why it is so amazing!

My new favorite essential oil and why it is so amazing! 

By: Katie Sandy

Since I’ve started using essential oils, there have been many that I’ve loved using for various reasons. Tea tree oil (melaleuca) came in handy when my son had athlete’s foot…cleared it right up. Last year during a very busy cold season, peppermint oil saved me during my stuffy congested nights. And I can’t forget to mention lemon oil. I make my own all-purpose cleaner to replace the store bought version I previously used, and lemon has been a wonderful addition for disinfecting and cutting through greasy messes.

But over the last several months, one particular essential oil has become my go-to…my favorite.


I found out in May that I was expecting our fifth baby! This meant that my list of usable essential oils was cut significantly, because many essential oils are not to be used during pregnancy, especially the first trimester. While the list of safe oils during pregnancy isn’t long, there are some great ones that can still be used. One of those is lavender.

That’s right…lavender. I’m sure you were expecting something more exciting for my new favorite, amazing essential oil, but that’s it. Lavender. And let me tell you why.

Not only is lavender one of the safest essential oils (it can even be used during pregnancy and with small children), it is also one of the most versatile oils to have in your aromatherapy arsenal. So what can you do with this awesome oil? Here are just a few great uses for lavender essential oil:

  • Sleep. Can’t sleep at night? Diffuse lavender oil in your room at night to promote relaxation and sleep (one of my favorite uses!)
  • An anti-microbial/antiseptic treatment. Have a cut, burn, bee sting, or bug bite? Apply lavender topically to promote healthy healing and provide mild pain relief (make sure to follow proper dilution recommendations)
  • Headaches. Prior to pregnancy I always used peppermint or eucalyptus oil for my headaches. Then I tried lavender and it helped get rid of my headache in no time. Because of its sedative/pain relieving properties, lavender is an excellent headache remedy. Apply it diluted on the temples or across the forehead.
  • Healthy skin. Lavender has many therapeutic benefits for skin including skin rejuvenating (restorative) and purifying. Adding it to my homemade body/hand lotion not only helps to keep my skin moisturized in a natural way, but also promotes healthy skin as well.
  • Facial toner. Along with healthy skin, lavender is a great addition to a homemade facial toner, especially for those dealing with acne/blemishes, because of its anti-bacterial properties. Add lavender oil to apple cider vinegar and use as a rinse after your evening face wash.
  • Anxiety/stress. Having a crazy day…stop and smell the lavender…literally. Because of its calming/anti-depressant properties, lavender makes a great inhalation to combat anxiety, stress, and depression. Use it in a homemade inhaler or simply diffuse in your home.
  • Teething toddler. When those molars come in, it can be so unpleasant for your little one. Apply diluted lavender along the jawline of your toddler to provide some teething relief. DO NOT apply internally, this is an external treatment only.

And there are so many more uses that I could list here…everything from home care to managing/healing illness. Amazing isn’t it!

If you are going to make sure to have any essential oil…whether you are new to essential oils and just looking for something to use in the home, or you are a professional in the world of aromatherapy, lavender is one to make sure you always have on hand.

So…now that I’ve shared some of my favorite uses for the amazing oil…what are some of your favorite ways to use lavender?


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About the Author:

My name is Katie. I’m a wife and mother to four amazing children. I have been on a journey to a more natural way of living for several years, and love learning new ways to improve on our natural lifestyle. I have been using and loving essential oils for many years, and have recently begun my journey to becoming a certified aromatherapist. I look forward to helping others in their natural living and healing journey.



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