Grounding and Getting Back to Basics

Grounding and Getting Back to Basics



This whole herbal business idea came about for me in two ways. First, my employer switched to what is now known as a High Deductible Plan. What does that mean? It means that I have to spend $5,000 before one penny will be spent by the insurance company. This means that if I want to go to the doctor, I have to pay full price until I hot $5,000. It also means that I have to pay full price for any prescriptions. It’s ludicrous. It’s not healthcare.

The other life changing moment was the sudden death of our middle son. He was hit and killed by a drunk driver, so there was no notice, no sickness, no goodbye. He was just gone. During those first few days, I met a woman who changed my life forever. Her name is Andrea. Andrea walked me outside in the middle of the night and had me take off my shoes. “Ground yourself,” she said. I didn’t even know what this meant. “Take off your shoes and stand on the earth.”


I had never thought about it that way before. I always wore shoes outside, so my feet have not “touched the earth” since I was a child. It was a full moon, I did as she asked and I slipped off my shoes and stepped onto the earth. “Now, ground yourself,” she said. “Feel the pull of gravity and feel yourself connect with the energy of the earth.” Well, this was life changing to say the least. I could feel the energy of the dirt and the trees and the rocks and the grass beneath me.


Fast forward a few weeks and I decide to take this herbalism class. Something I had been considering for some time. I never intended to grow anything myself, but remembering the words of my new friend, Andrea, I dug into the earth with my hands and I started to grow things. I have been able to begin to heal by grounding myself into the earth and pulling strength from the energy that is available to all living things.


Bonnie Rose Weaver of Mind, Body Green states that self care is preventive medicine Connecting to nature can bring us more fully to the best version of ourselves. 1



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Marisa Gary, lives in Florida with her husband and a chihuahua named Phoebe. She is the mom of grown children and a marketing professional who is looking to profoundly connect to the earth and the energy it has to offer.


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