Hangover Cures

The Hangover- Hangover Cures by Alyson Sutfin

Ok, as much as I like to try my best to live a healthy lifestyle, I, of course, have my vices. One of those vices is red wine.  Now we all know that sometimes one too many at dinner, or going all out for New Years, or celebrating  your bestie’s wedding a little too hard (no judgement here!) can result in some pretty icky feelings the next day. I’m gonna share some tips on how to whip your body and mind back into shape.

1. Hot water with lemon

I know when you wake up after not having sober sleep it’s natural to go right to the coffee pot. Try to avoid it and poor yourself a cup of hot water with lemon. Your body will absorb the water faster at a warmer temperature, which is important because our bodies are already a little dehydrated when we first wake up, and will be even more dehydrated if we drink alcohol the night before. Lemons can help balance your body’s pH because they are a good source of alkaline. The lemon juice will help kickstart your digestive system and replace some of those electrolytes that were lost, while simultaneously flushing out toxins.

2. Banana Milkshake

     If your hangover is like mine, it will crave greasy, fatty, diner breakfast. Don’t give in! As great as it will taste, it will make you sluggish and worse in the long run. That’s why I recommend a cold, refreshing, sweet banana milkshake. All it entails is blending a banana with milk, ice and organic honey to sweeten. The potassium in the banana actually helps replenish your body with nutrients, and the honey soothes the digestive system. This drink should really be sipped, to allow your body to absorb all the goodness.


3. Dandelion Root

This could also be your coffee substitute in the morning. Dandelion eases congestion in the liver when you’ve been drinking. It also helps to purify your kidneys and bladder. It contains nutrients like magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc. I like to make mine like coffee, taking dried root and brewing a strong tea. Then I add a little cinnamon and milk. Try to avoid sugar as much as you can. It will also soothe bloating and dehydrated, achy joints.  Ya know what?  Drink this tea all the time, not just when you’re hung-over. It’s so good for you!

4. Ginger Root

     We all know that the nausea that comes with a hangover can be wicked. This is where ginger root saves the day. I mean, think about the ol’ cliché about ginger ale and crackers for a hangover. This is the less sugar option. Plus there’s something about the ginger bite that I love.

5. Lemon Balm

I suggest lemon balm for it’s calming effect. When we drink to unwind, unfortunately we are creating more anxiety in the long run. Since alcohol is a toxin it really messes up your physical and mental functioning. So when your have that nervous feeling the next day, reach for this calming tea. I like to mix it with lemon verbena to give it that really uplifting smell.

These are just a few tips to soothe your self inflicted pain. Honestly though, the only thing can truly CURE your hangover is time.  You’ve got to wait it out until all the toxins are out of your body. Consider it your “sit in the corner time” to teach yourself not over indulge next weekend. 🙂


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