Happy New Year, Happy “New You”! Darlene Cherry

Happy New Year, Happy “New You”!  

Darlene Cherry- Student Article

Everyone knows that it’s tradition to make a New Year’s resolution.  And I’m here to say that’s a great thing!  We all need goals right?  A target for improvement in our habits, our health, our behaviors, our appearance…

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to become a Master Aromatherapist and Herbalist.  Over the past few years as I’ve researched in developing Bee Square products, I’ve been amazed at the beneficial properties of essential oils.  It’s been fascinating to see what these natural oils can do!  So I’m excited to learn even more, and to share that knowledge with others in order to improve their health.

So what is your New Year’s resolution?  I propose making it a “New YOU” resolution!  And you can start with Bee Square Body Care skin care products!   Get beautifully smooth, soft skin with Bee Square Happy Face scrub for facial or delicate skin.  Fine dendritic salt, oats and finely ground walnut shells provide a smooth, gentle exfoliant for a luxurious scrub.  Light grapeseed oil and shea butter replace oils and keep your face radiant without being greasy. Add the delicious citrus scent and therapeutic qualities of bergamot essential oil  for a more attractive skin tone, and you have a scrub you’ll LOVE!  Bergamot is believed to have antiseptic properties.  It has even been used to treat acne,  boils, cold sores, cystitis, depression, itching, oily skin, psoriasis,  and stress!  And our bergamot oil is bergaptene free, so it won’t cause sun sensitivity. 

If you are prone to breakouts, try Bee Square Clear Skin oil.  A skin-loving combination of jojoba oil, and essential oils of rosemary, tea tree, lavender and lemon, you will love this oil.  Rosemary, lemon, tea tree and lavender have been shown to have natural antibacterial qualities.  Just roll it on and see the difference!

Puffy eyes?  Try Bee Square Puffy Peepers!  Or if your problem is dark circles, give our Under Eye Serum a try, with luxurious essential oils of helichrysum, grapefruit and rose absolute!

Make your resolution to pamper yourself and take extra good care of your skin.  It’s the only skin you’ll ever have, so make it the BEST you’ll ever have!



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