Heart of Herbs Student Profile – Dawn Marie Dillon

Tell us a little about yourself and your business, practice, etc..

I am a self employed Mama of 6 who owns Breathless Beauty Organic Vegan & Natural Market in Milford PA. I am also working on my herbalist studies slowly but getting there. I have been producing my own herbal products and Hand Crafted Vegan Soaps for over 12 years. I enjoy working to help my clients return back to nature for their mind ,body and soul!

Do/ did you enjoy your time at Heart of Herbs?

I greatly enjoy being apart of Heart of Herbs! Its is such a soothing experience to learn at your own pace and also to be apart of such great groups of people!

What have you done since your graduation? or what are you doing now if you are still a student?

I am still a student working with my customers and family on different levels to keep them healthy with herbs and nutrition.

Was your education useful in what you have now done?

My education at Heart of Herbs is the main reason why I can give solid advise to those looking for an alternative to synthetics.

What is /are your favorite herbal books?

The list of my Herbal library is very long however my all time favorite books that I pick up almost each and every day are: Healing Wise- Susun Weed Field Guide Herbal Healing For Women- Rosemary Gladstar, Herbal Healing For Children- Demetria Clark   .

My website is www.breathlessbeauty.org

You can visit my page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BreathlessBeautyOVNM