Heart of Herbs Student Profile – Jennifer Pottruff

Name: Jennifer Pottruff
Program: Graduate of Master Herbalist


I am a Homeopath, Herbalist, Colon Hydrotherapist and studying to be a Veterinary Naturopath and Doctor of Natural Health.  I work with all members of the family, but and small, 2 legs and 4 legs. I have graduated from Heart of Herbs, Sage Mountain Herbal School, British Institute of Homeopathy and Avicenna Institute of Natural Health. I am currently completing work with American Academy of Clinical Homeopathy, Kingdom College of Natural Health, Indian Board of Alternative Medicine and Sandy Hill Institute of Natural Health. I plan in September to attend National Academy of Osteopathy to become a Manual Osteopath and round out my education and services.
Business, articles, blogs, etc.. that you are a part of.: I was a tutor for British Institute of Homeopathy, an adjunct faculty member of Global College of Natural Health writing course lessons and seminars for them. I have written articles for a local health and fitness magazine. My clinic is Scent from Heaven Natural Health Centre.