Heart of Herbs Student- Tracy Gilchrist

I am currently enrolled in the Green Spirit/ Master Herbalist course. I am just about to complete it and have loved it so much.

This school called out to me while I was doing my research looking for an online course. I read about Demetria and also obtained her book. I loved the book and took so much from it and also I found the information that came about on Demetria herself to be inviting. This course has proven to be thorough and comprehensive and it also comes with a wonderful community of fellow students!

I have lots of plans for my future! I am taking this knowledge that I am gaining and building my business that will be comprised of herbal products and consultations as well as adding Reflexology, meditation and Crystal Healing.  All of these modalities will provide me with tools to help anyone find the best way to heal themselves.

Although I have been working with herbal remedies for quite some time, I decided to follow up with structured education because I feel it balances out the knowledge and experience I have working with plants, self taught product making and online research. I feel working online with an herbalist helps gain a different perspective and it also provides one with a mentor of sorts….

I currently have a business started making herbal products and doing educational classes. Within the next month or two I will add consultations hoping to specialize in general depression and menopausal women. As I stated above I plan on adding crystal therapy and reflexology as part of my consultations to those who feel they may be helped by other modalities working in conjunction with herbs.

I am very grateful to have found Demetria and Heart of Herbs and hope to add other courses, like the Flower Essences) as well.

My website is www.summitvalleyherbals.com and I can be reached by email at summitvalleyherbals@gmail.com or by phone at 401-227-0784.

Tracy Gilchrist

Summit Valley Herbals

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