Herbal Eye Care?

Herbal Eye Care?

Herbal eye care? Your eyes are sore, tired, the doctor told you “just rest them”. You’ve eaten your carrots regularly since childhood, but are now having some “issues”. What’s to be done? Go back for yet another eye appointment? Yes, maybe you should. But how about also helping yourself with one of those “herbs” you’ve seen advertised on the Internet? Where are you to begin if you decide to do just that? Will reading other people’s “comments” after purchasing the “product” help? It might, but let’s start with the basics of common sense.

If you want to take a herb for eye strain, then you as the patient/physician in this case needs to do your research and know all you can about what is going on. Get the eye exam. Then armed with that information do your research. Because there are Herbs that can help. Knowledge though is the key. Knowing what you are taking and why. It’s not hard to learn; Libraries are filled with books on the subject. Herbalist are all over this nation, asking questions will surely lead you to someone who knows someone with this knowledge of where to look. I’ll list a few good books at the end.


But since you’re reading this let’s start with some basic herbs for eye care. Some you may have heard of others maybe not. But whatever you decided the responsibility is on you to arm yourself with knowledge about what you are putting in your body, and why.

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Eyebright, Bilberry, Coleus, Forskohlii, Gingko Biloba, are a few of the herbs that are recommended for eye care. But which one is right for you? Go back and research understand not only your specific problem, but everything you can about the herbs you are considering taking. Does it interfere with medication you are already on? What about foods? Herbs are generally easier on the body, but they do have very great effects and should not be taken lightly. Knowledge is again the key. Here are some authors that can help: Rosemary Gladstar, Demetria Clark, David Hoffman, Susan Weed and many others out there so check them out. You just might decide that you too want to become a herbalist and help yourself and others. Your eyes can help you do just that.

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