Herbal Nutrients

Herbal Nutrients

The following herbs are great ways to receive additional nutrients. You can eat them raw, in an extract, infusion, decoction and you can even juice them with your fruits and veggies. Herbs can easily have a place in everyday life and should be a part of your everyday life. The following list is of nutrients and what herbs they can be found in.
Alfalfa, burdock, blue cohosh, cayenne, chlorophyll, dandelion, kelp, mullein, parsley

Alfalfa, cayenne, dandelion, garlic, kelp

Vitamin-B 12:
Alfalfa, chaparrel, kelp

Alfalfa, dandelion, garlic, papaya, rose hips, horseradish, lobelia, yellow dock

Nettles- Urtica dioica in the spring. (c) Demetria Clark

Alfalfa, dandelion, Don Quai, kelp, raspberry, rose hips, watercress

Alfalfa, blue cohosh, chamomile, cayenne, chlorophyll, dandelion, Irish moss, kelp, rose hips, yarrow, yellow dock

When using during pregnancy and breastfeeding make sure that the herb is safe for consumption during those times. Use herbs with education, common sense and with support from a health care professional.

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