Herbal Treatment for Serious Diseases

Herbal Treatment for Serious Diseases by Maleena Castro

There is no question about the outbreak of deadly diseases amongst us. The real question is if there is an underlying cure by nature for any of these diseases. It has become a very popular belief that the pharmacies actually are aware of the many natural alternatives for diseases in this time. Time and time again, we run to the pharmacies for the treatment of these deadly diseases. Do we ever stop to think about the risks that we may be taking?

According to the CDC, the total number of drug induced deaths in 2012 was a whopping 41,502; 16,007 being from prescription drugs and 5,925 from heroin. Moreover, the numbers were less the year before. It must be steadily rising each year as diseases increase. At this point, all herbalist all over the world know how extremely dangerous these medicines are. Usually, when they treat one disease, they bring about another problem inside of the body. The next problem will need more treatment, and the cycle never ever ends. When will we begin to truly care for ourselves by using what was naturally given to us? It was once said by a great mind that our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food. More information recorded by the CDC states that there have been zero deaths from the herb that we ban and call a drug that is cannabis.

On another note, biologist Christina Sanchez has explained that THC found in cannabis kills cancer cells. Illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and even cancer and aids can definitely be treated with herbs. The big question for now is if any of these diseases can actually be cured; and if not, has anyone tried? Were we not exposed to the idea that a simple tea of Cacao and Cayenne or Hawthorn each morning could treat heart disease or prevent it on purpose? As a personal experience, a loved one with heart failure was on several medications including steroids. Unfortunately, during that time period, there was a recall on steroids. Within two weeks of receiving these medications, she passed away. Nothing can be done as pharmacies and hospitals are almost impossible to sue. Shouldn’t we have someone informing us of the many dangers that ironically come from what most of think is saving our lives? The demand for herbal treatment is coming to an all time rise.

Herbal Treatment for Serious Diseases


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My name is Maleena Castro. I normally go by the name of Nana. Nana originally means “Mother of the Earth”. I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Currently, I am attending the American College of healthcare sciences for complementary alternative medicine and Heart of Herbs with herbalist Demetria Clark. I am a naturalist, tea specialist and aspiring herbalist. Natural healing, for me, is a way of life.


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