How Aromatherapy has changed my life- Gabrielle Giovinina Pine, Student Article

How Aromatherapy has changed my life.

Gabrielle Giovinina Pine

The sense of smell. I would have to say that it’s a pretty important thing. According to The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, approximately 90% of what you taste is actually smell. Even our memories are strongly connected to our sense of smell. A whiff of salt air can whisk you back to your childhood, and days long gone, strolling along the beach, collecting shells and dipping your toes in the water as the waves softly roll across the shoreline. You enter a quaint little coffee shop on a Sunday afternoon and the sweet and savory aromas stir memories of your precious Granny who served coffee and treats every afternoon at 2 O’clock. Granny was always smiling. Laughing, talking and sharing secrets, nothing could replace the joy those afternoons brought you. How about your favorite perfume, you wear it on every anniversary dinner with your husband because it takes you back to candlelight and soft music, that very first dance on your very first date. Yes, I’d have to say that our sense of smell is a pretty dynamic part of our daily lives.

What if you could only enjoy a part of the fragrances of life? Well, that’s the beginning of my story and the key problem that led me down the path of discovering aromatherapy. I am allergic! I am allergic to the smell of most chemical cleaners and detergents, allergic to certain lip glosses, allergic to the fragrances in lotions, air fresheners, fabric softeners. All of these things can be annoying and even become a hindrance. (What in the world am I going to wash my clothes with?! How am I supposed to scrub my toilet if the toilet cleaner plagues my very being?! You know what I’m talking about… watery and itchy eyes, stopped up head but your nose NEVER stops running, the list goes on!) But worst of all is that I am allergic to perfume. Yes, that’s right! Not only am I denied, what I consider to be, one of the best perks of my femininity but I cannot be in close vicinity to anyone else who’s enjoy said perk!

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My life began to take a turn one day as I happened upon a display of essential oils in my local health food store. There were sample bottles with which you could smell the fragrance of the different essential oils. I hesitated, but after the urging of the store clerk I opened a bottle and took a quick whiff. And to my surprise…nothing happened! No sneezing, no watery eyes, no itching…nothing! I was shocked. I sampled the scent of another and then another and then another. NOTHING HAPPENED. I felt like my world had been turned upside down. All of my life I just knew I was allergic the scents of most plants because every time I would inhale that lavender air freshener or that perfume that boasted the sweet smell of gardenias it would send me into allergic fits of misery. It was the epiphany of a lifetime. “Hey…maybe I’m not really allergic to the fragrances of flowers and plants…maybe I’m allergic to the synthetic reproduction of those fragrances.” It’s hard to imagine that the product you’re purchasing, whose label is plastered with flowers and whose commercials depict fuzzy bears and women frolicking in fields of majestic blooms, doesn’t contain pure and unadulterated fragrances of the flowers it’s so forcefully suggesting are within the product’s container. Have I been deceived by the skillful art of marketing?

So, I have these essential oils. They smell good. But what can I do with them? How do I use them? Are they safe? How do I answer these important questions? That is when, in time, I discovered Heart of Herbs Online School! Entering into the Master Aromatherapy course has greatly increased my knowledge of essential oils. I have discovered not only their beautiful fragrances but also the fact that they have many therapeutic uses. I am discovering the different emotional benefits to blending different oils to create certain fragrances, how they affect your mood and how to describe the wonderful notes in the scents of each essential oil. Not only have I gained the wonderful feminine perk that I thought was forever lost to me, in the creation of my own fragrances, I have gained a healthier version of what I was missing out on! Demetria’s Master Aromatherapy course has taught me how to safely handle and blend essential oils and well as how to apply their therapeutic benefits. I am now blending and enjoying pure fragrances and this feels like the way it was always meant to be. The knowledge I am gaining from this course has opened up my world and the application of essential oils through diffusing and blending has greatly improved my life both physically and emotionally. I want to thank Demetria Clark and the Heart of Herbs School for providing me with a high quality education that has made a difference in my world. With my education, I hope to make a difference in the lives of others.



Hi! My name is Gabrielle. I am twenty six years old. I am a Mother, a Nurse and I am on my way to becoming an Aromatherapist. I believe that life is a journey that is full of discovery. I have spent the last five years of my life researching a lifestyle that is both beneficial to myself, my family and the environment. A lifestyle that is both healthy and happy. I know that becoming an Aromatherapist is the next step in my journey and through my training I hope to improve the lives of others through my practice.


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