Is Aromatherapy making headway into mainstream America?

Is Aromatherapy making headway into mainstream America?

By Brad Randall

The simple answer is YES.  The most notable, and probably oldest essential oil used in commercially available over the counter medicine is Vicks VapoRub.  Eucalyptus Oil has been an ingredient in Vicks VapoRub since it was introduced in 1891 as Croup and Pneumonia Salve and was rebranded in 1912 as VapoRub.  Additional essential oils used in VapoRub include Camphor Oil, Cedar Leaf Oil, Muristica Oil (derived from the nutmeg seed).


On the April, 24, 2014 Today segment, Herbal medicine goes mainstream: Breaking it down with Dr. Oz.[1]  Dr. Oz offered “several natural treatments that he said have promise:
Cinnamon. Oz said this spice can help with sugar levels and that diabetics and prediabetics should be taking this spice, which can help the liver deal with insulin better.
Mint. Oz said mint is good for digestive health and helps increase gastric secretions and helps the intestines relax. “Mint’s wonderful for bellies,” he said. “The beautiful thing about mint is you can take it in a tea form, so it’s easy to do every single day.”
Sage and rosemary. When people were given sage oil and tested for word memory, Oz said, there were “dramatic improvements in their ability to process information and memorize it.” Rosemary, he said, helps improve alertness.
Parsley. This herb helps protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation and is a diuretic that can flush extra fluid from the body, Oz said.
Valerian root. “This is nature’s Valium,” Oz said. “It’s very powerful.”

Shampoos have recently started adding, tea tree oil, lemon oil and peppermint oil to their ingredients.  As recently as August 2014,” Leading hair and scalp care brand Natures Gentle Touch has released a TV commercial for her all-new Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff range. The highly-rated and very effective dandruff treatment combines the anti-microbial and therapeutic properties of the essential Tea Tree Oil as well as other herbal ingredients to provide relieve from dandruff and itchy scalp.”[2]






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