Juicing For Life….Not Just For Fasting

Juicing For Life….Not Just For Fasting

Juicing is a way of life.  Once you incorporate juicing into your diet, you will promote weight management and increase your body’s cleansing ability.  There are numerous ways to bring juicing into your days.  Fasting is an extreme method of juicing, but can be very beneficial for people who are interested in following a strict, low calorie diet for days at a time.  1 Day juice fasts are a good start for many people who have been eating the Standard American Diet for most of their lives.


Benefits of Juicing:

Increases your body’s natural cleansing ability

Stabilizes blood sugar while promoting weight management

Improves circulation and decreases inflammation

Detoxing your mind-body-spirit as a whole

Healthier looking skin, hair and nails (bone health included)


Consider your motives for juicing.  It requires commitment, determination and discipline.


To follow a particular juice fast is up to the individual to decide.  Conducting research on what results he/she is looking for begins with the person first taking responsibility for their health.  Understanding their current state of health, including diagnosed conditions which may require prescription medications and are being closely monitored by a physician, is the person’s responsibility.


Adding juice into your daily routine is a great first step than restricting yourself to only juice for days at a time.  By increasing your intake of fresh vegetable and fruit juices daily, you will begin to decrease your cravings for other non-nutritional foods, including sugar, at a pace that won’t sabotage your healthy efforts.


Key Suggestions:


1.      Keep fruit to a minimum. 1 or 2 fruits per juice is a good rule to follow.

2.      Drink plenty of water during a “fast” or elimination diet.

3.      Include herbal tea if you “fast” for more than 1 day.

4.      Power up your juices with “super foods”.  Adding powder mix of Chlorella or Spirulina to your juices will increase your energy and detox efforts.

5.      Taking probiotic supplements can be beneficial in restoring  the healthy bacteria into your gut.  You can break open a capsule and put it into your juice.

6.      Avoid stimulants: coffee, teas, energy drinks.

7.      Choose Organic vegetables, herbs and low sugar fruits, such as green apples and lemons.

8.      Drink your juice slowly and swish it around in your mouth to mix with your digestive enzymes.  And drinking at room temperature is easier on the digestive system.

9.      When fasting, you should try to rest when you can, but walking, stretching or light yoga can help with moving the lymph system along during detoxification.

10.   Be gentle when breaking a “fast”.  Don’t break it with fast food or pizza.  Ease into normal foods with soups, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds for a day or two after a juice fast.


Cereal Grasses

Another green juice option is to purchase powdered cereal grasses and add them to your fresh juiced beverages.  Cereal grasses are known to enhance cleansing, build energy, improve immunity and nourish the body.  Each grass has its health boosting qualities.  Wheatgrass is especially effective in cleansing the lymph.  Oat grass is a wonderful food for your central nervous system.  The taproots of alfalfa run deep which provides this grass with deep nutrition.  Barley grass is considered the most nutrient-dense super food.


Juicing fresh cereal grasses is the best, but most juicers cannot do the job of breaking down such fibrous and dense material.  Purchase these dried greens from a quality company you have researched.  You can trust that these will be a great addition to your daily healthy habits.


Juicers to compare:


Centrifugal juicers are the most common and affordable juicers on the market today.  These appliances can be great for beginners as they only require two steps for retrieving juice from produce.  Preparing the produce and placing the cut vegetables down the juicing tube.  The blade will spin/chop your produce and the remaining juice flows out of the sieve into your attached pitcher.  These juicers create a lot of oxygenation while it spins and chops which will inevitably destroy a portion of the nutrients you are hoping to consume.  The blade also generates heat and can compromise the vitality of the “living” food as well.  With the centrifugal juicers, you are unable to truly extract all of the juice, wasting about 30% of the juice you could receive if you juiced with The Norwalk Juicer.  The Norwalk Juicer is a Masticating Juicer-using a stainless steel trituator blade to grind the produce into a pulp “which greatly improves the ability to cut the fibers of raw foods down to the cellular level.”   Then the juice is extracted with a hydraulic press, extracting every last bit of goodness with incredible nutrition and flavor.  This is considered a commercial grade juicer/food processor.  You can process many other foods with The Norwalk.


The costs differences are extreme and investing in such a juicer is not for everyone.  Offering this service of producing high frequency juice for others is a privilege and I am thrilled to offer this quality juice to my family and clients.  Everyone can taste and feel the difference when consuming Norwalk Juice versus any other juice.  I recommend research before purchasing a juicer.  Your investment needs to make sense for you and your family.  Juicing is a way of life.  Once you incorporate juicing into your regular routine, you will experience clean energy and clear thinking. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have regarding juicers and recipes; mary@boostyourplate.com



Mary Lusk, Certified Holistic Health Coach provides clients with fresh cold-pressed juice processed with The Norwalk Juicer.  This commercial grade juicer was designed and created by Dr. Norman Walker and is the only juicer used for The Gerson Therapy treating cancer patients in Mexico.  The quality of this juice cannot be matched by any other juicer.  Mary also educates her clients on therapeutic essential oil uses for daily living to increase her client’s vibration for improved health and vitality.  Her latest work includes designing a healing program for Elite Athletes in Colorado Springs, Colorado to improve their performance, prevent injuries and minimize their recovery time while supporting them emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Website:   www.boostyourplate.com   (This website reflects Mary’s work prior to relocating to Colorado in 2015.  Updates are being made to reflect her new location and programs.)


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