When Leftover Oil Brings On Big Learning

When Leftover Oil Brings On Big Learning

A couple of fun and interesting things happened to me recently. This cool combination of things led to my first independent essential oil experiment! This experiment journey really began when I realized that synthetic fragrances, specifically my longtime favorite perfumes, just didn’t make the cut any longer when it came to my olfactory pleasure. (I still have these perfumes on my dresser as I just can’t find it in me to LITERALLY throw so much money away, but I have not worn them since then!) This of course, was/is a result of having had essential oils around my house for quite a bit of time!

Fast forward a bit to my starting the AROM101 course. Once my course kicked into gear, I had many tiny bottles holding one teaspoon of carrier oil and one drop of essential oil. What was in these bottles was what was left of my “testers”. Each essential oil in my home gets blended with a carrier oil then spot tested on each of the people in my household to see if there will be a reaction to transdermal application. I find that this is the easiest, most cost-effective way to test every essential oil, yet there is always so much oil left over! Well, one day I decided to blend a few of the tester bottles and use it as a luxury oil in my bathwater. I transferred the contents of each of the five tester bottles into one large bottle, shook it up and planned to use it in my next bath.

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When the time came to sit in the luxury of my blended tester oils, I found that the aroma was only very short of perfect! I just HAD to have it as a perfume! In the past, I would never had thought such a thing, but nowadays the heavenly aromas found in these little bottles of earthy magick are just the thing to deliver the olfactory pleasure that was lost to my store bough perfumes! Voilà! The super cool combination of unexpected events that led to my first perfume experiment! My abhorrence to synthetic fragrances, my spur of the moment and random blending of leftover oils, my LOVE of the scent combination and my desire to recreate that scent as a perfume! Bam! Magick!

The very first thing I did was jump online and searched “Essential oil perfume recipes”. There are many different types of formulas out there. With so many to choose from it took me about two days to put together a combination of the variations. Now let me say…… This is a VERY specific science! One thing I am already sure of when it comes to essential oils is that every single drop counts and every drop makes a difference!

The recipe I went with called for called for 65% alcohol, 15% essential oil, 15% carrier oil and 5% water. I decided to use witch hazel as my alcohol and rose hydrosol as my water. Because this was the first time I attempted such a thing I did not have all of the appropriate tools needs including measuring devises or measuring techniques!! So….. Because the largest dark, glass bottle I had was a 2 ounce, I decided to use teaspoons as my main measuring tool and rounded to the nearest number going up or to the nearest .5. I kept my perfume in a cool, dark place for two weeks, shaking it up to blend the oils a minimum of two times a day. By the end of the two weeks my perfume was ready to wear, and boy do I love the scent!

My very first independent perfume project, which was totally an experiment, turned out smelling JUST as I had hoped it would, which was a close as possible to the melting pot of tester oils that were thrown together!! The very funny thing about this story is this….. About three days later I popped open my lap top and grabbed my Arom101 book and got to the next section in my school work. What a happy surprise to find the next part of my lesson to be “Blending Essential Oils”, and within this lesson was tips on blending perfume! I ordered some test tubes, plastic droppers and different sized bottles and went about my work! Now armed with measuring tools AND technique, my perfumes will be put together a little differently!! That said, never will I ever forget how much fun the first time around was, or how thrilled I was that it turned out so much like I had intended it to! Here is the recipe for the very first perfume I made, which I simply labeled “Patchouli Perfume”.


4 tsp Witch Hazel (organic)

.5 tsp Rose hydrosol

.25 tsp Evening Primrose Oil

About .5 tsp Essential Oils as follows:

8 drops Lavandula angustifolia

5 drops Anthemis nobilis

6 drops Santalum album

6 drops Anthemis nobilis

17 drops Pogostemon cablin

After two weeks of shaking the blend every day two or three times, I passed the blend through a coffee filter and into a clean spray bottle. This is a VERY earthy, very deep, almost masculine scent and I LOVE it! Yay for just happening upon creative endeavors and then stumbling upon said endeavor in school!



At the time of writing, Mary Ramsey is enrolled in the Heart of Herbs Aromatherapy Certification Program. She is the mother of two boys, one soon to be a Kindergartener and one soon to be a United States Marine Corp recruit. A lover of Astrology, yoga, Ayurveda medicine, meditation, tarot cards, synchronicity, Celtic history, holistic healthcare, psychology and the very fine line where magick meets science. Having worked in the healthcare industry for the past 15 years she values learning new ways (ancient ways made popular again) of healing the mind, body and soul. She gets excited with higher vibrational thinking and rarely discredits new ideas without long, extensive research.


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