Linden (Tilia spp)


Linden (Tilia spp.) Linden has a fresh, sweet and pleasant scent. The flavor is considered soft and mild. Linden is regarded as one of the gentlest nervines, tending toward sedative, but often used in herbal tea blends just for its lovely character. Linden works to assist in releasing the feeling of being overwhelmed and overexcited. It is also used to promote restful and helpful sleep, and well suited to personalities with a sensitive, emotional state.

Linden blossom has been used for centuries in Europe as one of the therapies for nervous tension. It is also considered an option for the hardening of the arteries. Linden blossom is regularly suggested throughout Europe for clients with anxiety issues and cardiovascular health history.

Relaxing Tea- Demetria Clark 1999

1-part Linden flowers
2 parts Chamomile
1-part Catnip
1-part Lemon balm
Make as an infusion.

Linden By Good Studio

Linden images by By Good Studio @Abode Stock.

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