Skin Care, Making Your Own Natural Skincare Products

Skin Care, Making Your Own Natural Skincare Products

Inas Al-Meallawy- Student Article

A Dream Comes True

Skin Care. You couldn’t imagine how it’s fun until you try yourself, how it’s interesting to make your own products. May you ask yourself why I bother myself doing natural skincare products while I can buy what I want without going through all this effort?  One thing you can get it from learning making your own skincare products is that you could add anything you want in your product, you can add any herbs you are in love with, you can customize specific product for your certain problems especially if you tried a lot of products on the market for your problem and nothing was helpful.

You can help yourself, your family, your friends  and others to give them something healthy to put on their skins, you can even sell your own products doing something you love and make your own project that you dream of.

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When you know the realm of herbs and the power that God put it in them using this power in your formulations which you make with your own hands, picking herbs that you want, choosing ingredients you love, tweaking formulas to suit your purposes, using your imagination to make professional high end product using just natural luxury high end ingredients, you must feel triumph, you even could be a rival for big companies but maybe they won’t your rivals anymore because you simply pursue another way and have a different philosophy.

When I get started in making my own natural products I want to learn more and more, it seems that no end for ambitious. I always searching for something new, how could I make certain product in different way, what herbs I’m going to use this time and for what reason and so on. 

I love herbs, I love essential oils, I want to help myself and other people putting what I learnt in natural formulas. I decided to teach others how to make their own products in natural way giving them what I know. I don’t want them to get disappointed because they couldn’t find the way or couldn’t find a qualified person to learn from. So I made a website to give people such courses online for everyone who loves nature on  Maybe this is something new for the Middle East and The Arab countries as I from Egypt and this is the first time to find someone make such a thing online but maybe this is just a beginning, who knows.

At the end I want from each one who has any skill, gift or see that he is qualified enough to share what God has given to him to all people to benefit from his/her knowledge. Help others and God will help you. 

About the author

Inas loves making natural skincare products. She has diplomas in cosmetic science and natural skincare formulation, certificates in advanced aesthetic skincare training and many others. She always searching for something new to apply it in her formulas. She uses the green chemistry in her formulations. She wants to spread this method in the Middle East and the Arabian region and the whole world.


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