My Life with Rosacea

My Life with Rosacea

My life with Rosacea began in my early thirties, before that I had a creamy complexion that even in my teens was never marred with acne or other skin conditions.  I had freckles early on in my youth that disappeared in my teen years and then began to come back in my late twenties. Oh, how I miss those days of perfect skin.

If you are not familiar with Rosacea and now are wondering what it is let me explain.  Rosacea is a skin condition that affects the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead usually tending to start its first appearance in your thirties for most people.  The condition usually starts out as a light flushing of the skin that comes on and then will generally go away quickly at first; most people do not tend to notice these first appearances of the condition.

It can stay with some people as a light redness of the skin with occasional flushing or with many it can become worse over time, sometimes quickly.  Rosacea can cause permanent redness of the skin, white pimples on the areas of redness, thickening of the skin of the cheeks and nose; it can even affect the eyes with burning and sometimes tearing.  You can check out the WebMD link for more information on the description of Rosacea.


If you read the link above you also will note that up to this point there is no cure for Rosacea and no formal cause has ever been pin pointed. I research a few common theories on the causes of rosacea and it can be linked to a dermal yeast or bacterial infection, mites in the skin, immune response or even stress.

You can of course make an appointment with your Dermatologist and begin medical treatments for you condition, but all of these treatments are limited to treating the symptoms and depending on how you respond to them will tell if they are going to work or not. I cannot list all of the medical treatments out there for Rosacea, but if you would like a first look at them you can visit this site and it gives the best description of medical treatments to help your skin.

I have had no success with any of that though so I have gone looking for natural treatments. Where do I start my search for natural treatments Pinterest of course on my trusty IPad. You can find so much on Pinterest that I knew I could find something there and I did. This is what I found:

Everything I read always returned back to one best natural ‘cure’ for Rosacea, Apple Cider Vinegar and the website link above is the one I use to control mine.  I did the oral and topical treatments and in about three days I noticed a great deal of difference in my redness and a reduction in the flushing I would get throughout the day.  After about two weeks my skin is much better and the appearance of veins, pimples and check redness is almost gone.  I still get some flushing during the day but I wake up to almost creamy colored skin once again.

I have learned that Apple Cider Vinegar is rather drying to my skin so I started experimenting with some oils to try and combat the dryness.  I tried Avocado, Almond, Coconut, Grapeseed and Primrose.  Avocado and Almond were really good but too thick (I’ll save these two for my baths as they really work great on itchy dry skin and soak in wonderfully with the hot water). Grapeseed was not for me and neither was Coconut.  The Primrose was the best; it totally changed the look and feel of my facial and neck skin, love it.

I also made a few other changes to my skin routine with only using 100% vegetable glycerin soap and witchhazel as an astringent when I need it. I can’t believe the change in my skin.  Sorry no pictures, I really don’t like taking them of myself anyways.

Rosacea is a debilitating skin condition for those who have it.  It is as bad as Eczema and Psoriasis. Rosacea is always on your face for the world to see and those who have a severe case can have a genuinely difficult time with going out in public, as with the other two common skin conditions, you tend to get stared at by all who just don’t know what it is. I don’t offer medical advice in this article only what I searched out for myself and found to greatly help me, maybe it can help others to try to also search out natural remedies for their Rosacea.


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