Natural Healing with Raw Honey- Student Article

Natural Healing with Raw Honey- Student Article

By Mari Karlsson

3 April 2014

I have been working with wound healing using strictly local raw honey.  I have 2 cases to share with you; human and man’s best friend.  My intentions are not to freak you out nor cause you to be nauseous but rather to share with you the healing power of the bees and the amazing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Honey has been used in wound care since 2000 BC.  It has been shown to speed healing by decreasing edema and increasing sloughing of necrotic tissue because of its antibacterial effects.  In addition to glucose, amino acids and vitamins, honey also has anti-oxidants.  In several studies honey was shown to facilitate healing of wounds and burns as well as body cavities that had failed to heal with conventional methods.


My first documented “case” begins on October 28, 2013.  Our 200lb St. Bernard, Bailey, was bitten by what we believe to be a brown recluse.  That morning a small hole was noticed in his foot a little smaller than a pencil eraser, by 3pm that afternoon, it was about 3 inches in diameter.  This was due to his chewing on the dead tissue.  We immediately called our vet and took him in.  There was no possible way to do surgery as there was nothing to pull together.  Our vet told us we were literally looking at months of antibiotics and steroids which would be very expensive.  Then he looked at me and said there was an alternative and mentioned “raw honey” and I immediately smiled…  He asked me if I knew something that he didn’t.  So I proceeded to tell him that I was an Herbalist student and honey was perfect for healing wounds, and etc.  That is exactly what he was going to tell me.  Game on!  We took Bailey home without any medication, absolutely nothing.


We began by putting raw honey on his wound and changing the dressing two times per day.  We did not clean it with soap and water, no peroxide, and absolutely no antibiotics nor steroids, nothing but good ole’ local raw honey.

My second documented “case” begins on February 22, 2014.  I was contacted by a client who had been fighting an infected wound for several months.  She had been on 4 rounds on antibiotics when her doctor sent her to a wound specialist.  Upon examination the doctor told her the only way to heal it was to do surgery but before doing so he wanted her on antibiotics for 14 days and then come back to see him for a pre-surgical visit.

She of course did not want surgery and did not want more antibiotics in her system.  So, she contacted me to see if I could help her.  Since this is someone I have known for several years, I felt comfortable taking the next step with her, raw honey.  The enzymes in raw honey eat away the necrotic tissue leaving fresh flesh to begin healing.

She began by applying raw honey covered with a dry dressing two times per day.  Other than using soap and water when she showered, nothing else was applied.  She did return to the wound specialist 2 weeks later as scheduled.  He took one look at her leg and asked what she had been doing and of course she told him about using raw honey.  He told her there was nothing more he could do for her since the raw honey was healing the wound.



As you can see from the photos the healing affects after just a couple of weeks.  We only used raw honey and a dry dressing on the wound for about 6 weeks. (we no longer have the photos to share).




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