Natural Wisdom for Your Skin

Natural Wisdom For Your Skin

Hello everyone and welcome to my first post.

 In generalized knowledge, our skin it’s also a reflection of our nutrition.

 To have a healthy skin we need to nourish from inside out, this is not just drinking enough water or using an expensive lotion or cream.   Healthy skin is the same work as if you were looking to shape our bodies.

The skin is the largest organ of our body and our first filter to bacteria and viruses.  There are many ways that our skin can benefit, as supplements and natural products that bring natural oils to our skin.

When we are in our twenties is easy to not be worried that much about the looks of our skin, it feels and seems fresh all day, unless that there is a condition to treat.  In my case I always had dry skin, and I can state after 35 my skin started having some brown spots, and large pores and even more dryness.



 At the age of 40, I feel really happy with the outcomes of my skin.  One of my skin routine is eating plenty of fruits and veggies, this way I add antioxidants to our body and it’s at the same time beneficial for the skin.


Eat a variety of Berries! We know already berries are amazing for our woman health, but also there packed with antioxidants for the skin to help us look fresh and young.

I love Broccoli!  This green veggie is very high in Vitamin C and amazing for the skin! Add green leafy veggies to have a high content of Omega.


 Water is very important in our overall health, and absolutely a beauty tool.  Water keeps our cells clean, and keep the skin looking hydrated and flawless.


 This totally depends on each body, if you’re not eating a diet rich in antioxidants and minerals, I absolutely believe you are going to need them.  Also this depends of each individual, always ask your doctor or do your own research and try your body responses.

I use supplements as a part of my daily nutrition, after some time trying what suits best for my body.


This mineral is essential for our body, in my case is very important.  I use a supplement by mouth to increase my Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin C, followed by Magnesium Oil Therapy, after my morning bath.

You can create your own oil or get this on natural stores, check out mine if you’re interested to try this amazing therapy.

Magnesium oils, help us also for our skin, keeping our cells clean, help in digestion and sleeping aid, I will talk more about this mineral in an individual post.


 Cardio and more cardio! Love how the muscle ladies bodies look, but remember you need more than weights to help your body get rid of toxins, we need sweat and breath!  Find an ideal cardio or Yoga practice, where you can breath, bringing new oxygen to your cells.


Sun tan are super beautiful, but after 40 you should be considering to keep extra sun away, choose good hours to sun bath, vitamin D is need it, but there are definitely hours of summer sun (after 11AM until 3PM)  your skin don’t need and actually you should avoid.  Wear sunscreen with at least a 30SPF.

Natural products, are by far what we need to age well and feel fresh.  Big industries offer products that can be abrasive for our skin.  The best products are natural ones, coming from organic and natural sources.  Products that have little or no preservatives.

But remember lie everything else, you also have to play around with products and see what makes the best fit for your needs.  Takes a little effort and patience, but once your skin gets the feel of essential oils and nature, it will not work with anything else! Most of the time this is the outcome.


 And last but not least, sleeping at least 8 hours daily will keep you fresh and energetic.  Forget not to keep up your positive spirit, nothing better than keeping our happiness and positive thoughts to feel and project this to the world!

 By: Sibila Velasco

Heart of Herbs Master Herbalist Certification Program

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