Nature Spirits Enrich Our Lives

How working with nature spirits can enrich your health, happiness and life

By Arielle Wolter

Nature Spirits. The oldest tales we hear of encompass many spiritual creatures including nymphs, water sprites and fairies but the real question is why. Why did people from the days of old believe that spirits watched over the trees, waters and skies? Were they simply mad or did they maybe know something we do not? Whichever way you believe, it is hard to deny that people who spend time with and work with nature live happier lives. According to research in England people have happier relationships, less of a crime rate and live longer when living closer to natural surroundings. Go to any hospital and you will see that they normally have a little nature space for patients to sit in. Modern day hospitals are even aware that nature makes people feel better and in turn allows for faster recovery rates and less fatalities.

Energy Fields

When people are happier and friendlier to others they usually receive more in return. This is due to the aura (an energy field that surrounds the body) which reflects how a person feels. We have all had detrimental days when everything goes from bad to worse. However, when an uplifting activity is performed such as taking a walk, going to sleep or hanging out with friends we often times feel better. The aura not only pulses your individual energy, it also absorbs energy around you. It sort of works like a sponge that absorbs water and also releases it. If you looked back at the beginning of your day when everything started to go down hill you may have found that your boss was having an unpleasant day which transferred to you. You may also find when you started to feel better you took a walk in the park which was filled with trees and other aspects of nature(normally having an uplifting energy field) which your aura absorbed and in turn made you feel happier.

nature spirits

How Does Nature Effect Health

The aura effects more then just our mood, it also effects our health. The aura is an energy field which is affected by the seven main energy centers located within the body also known as chakras. These chakras can effect our health in very specific ways. For example if a person has heart disease it is most likely that their heart chakra will be affected. By healing the energy in the chakras people can see immense effects such as diseases that start to dramatically improve and even possibly go away entirely. The first protection against health problems is of courses prevention which can be performed not only through exercise and diet but also through spirit. Nature spirits are naturally more attuned for positive energy which allows them to let energy to flourish. This is why nature usually looks so healthy vibrant and beautiful. By spending time in nature you are allowing your body to have an energy exchange with nature spirits and in turn heal your energy centers.

Giving thanks

Nature spirits are first and foremost tenders of the earth. They take care of the trees, plants, waters, etc and they enjoy working with people who are contributing to their noble line of work. Spending time in nature has great benefits not only to your health but also in allowing you to be closer to nature and in turn the nature spirits themselves. Just taking walks through the forest or sitting by a tree is uplifting to most peoples spirits and in turn they may see great benefits in their day to day life.

Planting a garden allows us to give something back to the plant spirits and allows us to feel closer and more connected with them. Even a small project such as planting a tree shows the spirits that you care about the earth. Think of it like a thank you card that you are able to give to the nature spirits and still be able to utilize yourself. For example if you plant an apple tree and receive apples from it you are still receiving a great benefit and the nature spirits are still appreciative of what you have done. They work on a two way road if you are willing to give a little so are they.

How to commune with nature spirits

Nature spirits are very easy to find. They are everywhere where nature is in the trees, the lakes, the earth. Why then don’t we hear them talking to use or see them floating around? The simplest answer is they don’t live on the same plane as we do, they do not live on the physical plane. There are many planes in which the earth resides and nature spirits reside in a higher level of consciousness, the same level we often go to while in a meditative state.

Talking with the Trees

How then can we ever communicate with them if we cannot see them? We simply need to enter a meditative like state which is actually quite easy. The best way is to go and sit under a tree without any noise or distractions and relax. Visualize yourself growing roots into the ground, deep roots and allow all your tensions, worries and cares to go down the roots. You can also allow positive energy to come up through the roots. Do this for a couple of minutes, don’t try to keep track of the time just clear your mind. When you feel relaxed enough try to sense the tree you are sitting under. Does it feel feminine, masculine, friendly? Ask it a question. Do you hear any response in your head? If not try to ask again. This may not work for you the first time so do not get discouraged. If you heard something in your head but are doubtful it was the tree continue on and keep asking questions. Remember you are not in a complete spiritual state. This means that your conscious mind is still in control. The conscious mind is quite doubtful of spiritual happenings and will quite often disregard voices in your head as simply your mind answering back. Keep trying to communicate none the less and write down what you heard in your head. You may look at your notes later on and find that you were in fact communicating with a tree or other part of nature. This meditation can be done with any part of nature a body of water, a plant, etc.

The benefits of living with nature have been known to man kind throughout our existence. Let us not loss the knowledge of our ancestors who communed with nature in everyday life. Instead lets live with their knowledge and continue on living with nature to invigorate our health, happiness and life.

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Arielle Wolter is the owner of Natures Birth right doula services. She lives with her two children on their farm(Arielle Acres) in Northern NY where they focus on permaculture practices incorporated with heritage animals and heirloom vegetables. For over a decade Arielle has studied and practiced energy therapy spiritual healing which she also incorporates into her herbal practice (Arielles Apothecary). Please feel free to visit her websites to find out more


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