On getting back to the Garden

On getting back to the Garden…

by Irene Petree

All articles written by students are the opinions, research and voice of the student and not Heart of Herbs Herbal School. We encourage our students to explore and grow in their profession.

On getting back to the Garden…

I’m a child of the Age of Aquarius, contemporary to Woodstock and the original New Age movement. I sported rose-colored glasses, a naïve concept of love and wanted to free the world from “antiquated notions.” In the beginning we challenged the old guard of blind acceptance of anything presented by a starched suit or a white jacket. Then we “grew” and got jobs and embraced all the new technology, chemistry and science. We went on to put computers, boutique medicines and technology in every home and hand. “Better living through chemistry” became a by-word (funny, I remember using that phrase back in the day when I frequently enjoyed taking trips over the rainbow, but I digress). I have watched, and applauded, enormous changes in my culture. Not all have been for the better! While we enjoy living longer and having more access to information and creature comforts, we are also losing our individuality and are pressured to accept a medical norm that is so far away from the natural way our forefathers lived as to be unrecognizable. Our culture became so arrogant that it looked down on the common, wholesome ways what went before us. What were we thinking?



Progress. If we were spitting in someone’s eye we were waking him up-or so we thought.

Scientists have taken everything apart to its most fundamental elements, discovered the atom and the quark (were they lost?) and learned to manipulate nature. Some of this was helpful, some not.  In their infinite wisdom scientists concluded that separating and/or artificially recreating the helpful elements in nature would be a more beneficial, reproducible and manufactural (and did I mention profitable?) way for the “good of all.” As a result of decades of this practice we are now finding that we can NOT improve on nature and when we try we pay a price. We have new diseases, Superbugs and systemic afflictions that we no longer win the fight with. What to do?

Go back to the beginning.

I have always had this smoldering desire to “get back to the Garden”. But I grew up in an urban environment-it seemed there was no one in sight to show me the way and well, people scoffed. I have come full circle to my Flower Child roots, this time with the eyes of knowledge but no less wonder. I realize that everything we need for health and well-being has been wonderfully provided to us in nature. It’s abundant with gifts in the form of plant substances that can heal, restore and uplift with no side effects at all (I always suspected this). And now the science that made it unfamiliar and separate has given me the tools to understand and share it with confidence. Now I feel like scoffing.

I believe, solidly, in a God that created me and the universe with a balance that Nature is always trying to return to. Our culture has lost its way and forgotten the treasure under our feet and all around us. The good news is that there is a breed of pioneer Nature Children – one that has always been there but is now equipped with science to prove that Nature has a better way and always did. I’m happy to become one of those.

The Garden is calling…..get your gloves on.


Irene Petree is a free-lance artist and graphic illustrator in the Irish Hills of Michigan. He is a wife, mother and grandmother and is pursuing an advanced education in Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine. She also has a business called Health is Wealth where she sells handmade, natural skin and body care products.


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Articles written by students are the opinions, research and voice of the student and not Heart of Herbs Herbal School. We encourage our students to explore and grow in their profession.
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