Herbs for Fungal Issues

Herbal for Fungal Issues

These recipes for

Powders for Fungal Issues-Excerpt 475 Herbal and Aromatherapy Recipes.

No one likes topical fungal issues, they are itchy, uncomfortable and painful for many people. These powders are beneficial for fighting and soothing topical fungus.

Athletes Foot Powder

1 part Cornstarch

2 parts Arrowroot powder

1 part ground Calendula flowers

1/2 part ground powdered Myrrh

Sprinkle on the inflamed or irritated area. You can also soak your tea feet in a calendula and myrrh tea. Add two cups of tea to a foot bath.


Jock Itch Relief Powder

1 part Arrowroot

1 part Corn Starch

¼ part Myrrh

1/8 part ground Goldenseal root. Ground to a fine powder.

A drop or two of tea tree essential oil. Allow the mixture to sit for 3-4 days before using, shake once a day. Sprinkle on the affected area.

You can also use ground thyme, sage, and oregano and thyme or peppermint essential oil.


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