Powerful Herbs that Combat the Signs of Aging

Powerful Herbs that Combat the Signs of Aging by Julie Crabtree
The modern world has become largely obsessed with looking younger and hiding just about every sign of aging there is. There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to stay fit and healthy and trying to maintain a youthful glow, but the rising number of people resorting to surgical procedures in order to stay looking young is extremely concerning. There are natural alternatives to these drastic measures and people have been using herbs to effectively combat the signs of aging for thousands of years. Here are some of the most powerful anti-aging herbs that could help you to look and feel as young as ever:

Hair Loss Prevention Herbs
Hair loss is one of the most visible signs that the years are starting to catch up with you, as is hair pigment loss. The good news is that there are a variety of natural treatments available to help strengthen hair at the roots, promote new growth, and return pigmentation to the hair. Genuine hair regeneration products are no myth and thousands of people swear by their results. Reishi Mushroom has been used in China for centuries for the purpose of hair regeneration and strength. It is known as the mushroom of mortality as it has many different anti-aging properties and immune system boosters. It is very often combined with Fo-ti and is sold in Chinese medicine shops as a hair care product. Fo-ti has been labeled a miraculous herb that is able to regenerate growth, restore color, and slow down hair loss, although it is advisable to consult with a herbalist before using as it is a powerful herb that can cause liver sensitivities in a small minority of people.
Anti-Wrinkle Herbs
Adopting a good diet and skincare regime is the best way to look after your skin and to fight the effects of ageing. There are some really effective natural substances that can help to rejuvenate the skin as you get older. One of the best products is Alpha Lipoic Acid, which has some remarkable antioxidant properties that can help the body to fight against free radical damage which is ultimately to blame for damaged and wrinkly skin. It also contains large amounts of Vitamin C and E which help to keep the skin soft and supple. Ginseng is another great herb for the skin as it helps to tone the skin, as well as improving appetite, digestion, and increasing muscle tone.
Internal Body Care
Some of the more subtle signs of aging are those that occur within the body. Organs can become worn out, joints become stiff, and digestive problems can become more common. Thankfully, nature has provided us with some fantastic herbs to combat these signs of aging. Milk thistle is one of the most effective liver cleansing substances known to man and it is particularly important for a healthy body as the liver is the body’s cleansing machine. The silymarin in milk thistle is the main active ingredient and it helps with liver cell regeneration. If you look after your liver well, it will continue to look after you.
Horsetail is a good all-round herb to protect against the effects of aging as it is full of natural silicone which the body is prone to losing as you get older. Horsetail replenishes silicone in the arteries, connective tissues, bones, skin and cartilage, and you can find it as a dried herb extract or as a tea. Dandelion root is another superb liver cleanser and blood purifier, and it also helps to regulate insulin levels, improve nerve function and due to its high levels of vitamins and minerals it is a great part of any diet. Cayenne pepper is one of the most commonly used herbs in this list, yet many people are not aware of the good it is doing them. It is an anti-aging powerhouse and a herb that can lower cholesterol and blood pressure as well as improving thyroid function, all of which can lead to health problems as we grow older. It also acts as a natural antibiotic, stress reducer, and circulation improver, meaning that there is a whole host of reasons to start using cayenne pepper if you wish to fight back the signs of aging.