11 Reasons Why Being an Herbalist Rocks! Become a Herbalist

11 Reasons Why Being an Herbalist Rocks!

The following are 11 reasons why I think becoming an herbalist is an amazing job and why I love being a Master Herbalist.

1. You get to work with, in, or focused on nature.

2. Being an herbalist means you can work independently, in a practice setting, group clinic, or as a consultant, many of our students do this.

3. You can work in a variety of industries or own a variety of businesses, some of our students.
  • Own and operate herbal growing farms and greenhouses Work as tea blenders, or tincture formulators for major herbal companies Work in health care as nurses, midwives, or physicians.
  • Work at herbal-based spas and skincare salons.
  • Work in alternative health clinics and retreat centers.
  • Are chefs, bakers, and food artisans.
  • Run herbal workshops locally.
  • Write herbal blogs, articles, and research papers.

4. Knowing that your work respects nature and conservation. Believe in saving the planet, and making people’s lives better. You get to work in a manner the listens to your heart.

5. You know your work will empower clients in making healthy choices, and herbal choices that work for them.

6. Being an herbalist is a fulfilling job that is in demand all over the world. Our students are mothers, fathers, teachers, midwives, doulas, aromatherapists, truck drivers, missionaries, doctors, nurses, waitresses, chefs, and computer scientists, our students are just like you.

7. Herbalists get to learn about different cultures and their practices.

8. Herbalists can cater their practice to the specific needs of their community, and the clients they serve.

9. Being an herbalist helps people! Helps people work it through, find options, offer them choices, allow people to explore their needs.

10. Being an herbalist allows me to make my own schedule, set my clinical rates, and work in a manner that supports the needs of my family.

11. Being an herbalist means I get to put my over 25 years of education to work for my students, clients, and educational materials.

Heart Of Herbs - Demetria Clark

When you choose to embark on a herbal education path you are taking a huge step and you should be so proud of yourself.

If you want to work as an herbalist, learn about herbalism to support the needs of your family, or just see what herbs check out the options we have available to you. Some people say course costs, although are considered the most reasonable, are hard to swing. But look at it this way, $300 (the same cost as the Certified Herbalist Program), is the cost of a visit to the doctor without insurance, the cost of treating a few colds and flu. This information and education last a lifetime, this passion lasts a lifetime. Learning about herbs not only is an amazing journey but also teaches self-sustainability and a great way to save money over time.

Want to become an Herbalist or Aromatherapist? Visit www.heartofherbs.com

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