Smelling salts can be a great vehicle for essential oils, and a simple, portable and “no mess” way to use aromatherapy on a regular basis. A small bottle with a cork stopper can be carried around in your purse, or you can use an open glass or ceramic dish on your desktop, like you would potpourri. When in need, take a few nice deep inhales, and the blend of essential oils you’ve chosen will find their way right to your brain.


smelling salts



•      2 tbsp. coarse sea salt (i.e. Himalayan, dead sea, Celtic, etc.)

•      20 drops (approximately) of essential oil (divide up the oils you are using to make 20 drops total)

•      Glass condiment mixing bowl (small)

•      Wooden spoon

•      Glass bottle with cork or glass dish (you can use the mixing bowl as well)



•      Measure 2 tbsp. of sea salt and pour into your glass mixing bowl.

•      Add the essential oils of your choice to the salts. You may want to start with just a few drops of each oil and build on it to get the scent you want. You may also want to make a note of the total amounts you used of each so you can replicate it in future.

•      Mix with the wooden spoon.

•      Either transfer into a glass bottle with cork, or use in the condiment bowl.


Whenever you want, you can place the bowl or bottle a few inches under your nose and take a few deep inhales. Several essential oil suggestions are below for common uses.

Once the oils become “fatigued” (i.e. lose their scent) you can refresh them by adding in more oil(s).



•      These salts are not to be ingested; if you are using them in an uncovered form, please be sure they are not accessible by children and/or pets. Please keep all smelling salts out of the reach of children and pets.

•      Not intended for treatment of medical issues nor to revive someone who is unconscious.



•      Relaxation and Calm (for stress and/or anxiety): lavender, ylang ylang, neroli, roman chamomile, bergamot, vetiver, rose.

•      Uplifting (for depression and/or sadness): rose, sandalwood, orange, lavender, ylang ylang, frankincense, jasmine.

•      Energizing (for fatigue): lemon, ginger, grapefruit, orange, lemongrass, basil, pine, rosemary.

•      Protecting & Cleansing (for boundaries and energy hygiene): geranium, sage, clary sage, frankincense, amber, palo santo, juniper, cypress, lavender.

Colds and Congestion (most of these oils are not for use in pregnancy): eucalyptus, peppermint, camphor, thyme, rosemary.



Sharna Langlais, Reiki Master

Sharna works with clients internationally, helping them uncover the source of wounds and blockages so they can live freer, fuller and brighter lives. Using Reiki, meditation, and energy therapy, she facilitates a holistic journey toward healing. A Reiki Master, as well as a certified Say it Straight Communication Trainer, Sharna also writes for MindBodyGreen on Reiki healing. A skilled and passionate teacher and facilitator, she has been leading groups, workshops and classes for over 15 years.


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