So this is what it’s like to breathe through your nose!

So this is what it’s like to breathe through your nose!

By Denise Sanders

I’m a licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, who hasn’t been able to breathe through my nose for about 5 years. I was approached recently by my neighbor who began selling essential oils. I had heard about EO’s before, but didn’t really know a whole lot. As I discovered neither did she. But she knew enough to pique my interest and so I bought into what she was selling, and waited for my order to come in. In the meantime, I began doing some research (as she suggested) on Pintrest and found many ‘recipes’ for mixing and blending oils to ‘cure what ailed me’! (I don’t recommend this by the way!)

My dilemma all began with smelling smoke one day … just out of the clear blue… no rhyme or reason. And worse yet – no one could tell me why. I had a CT scan done, a sinus scope. No physical problems were discovered. I was put on a multitude of allergy pills and nasal sprays. When one didn’t work, we would try another combination. Still no success. I had acupuncture done – that seemed to help a little, but I still had constant sinus congestion and numerous sinus infections. When my oils arrived I I decided to follow a ‘recipe’ I found for what I thought to be my sinus ailment on line, since that was the issue I had been struggling with and seemed like the easiest to ‘test’. So I took out the lavender, peppermint and lemon oils as suggested in the recipe, and mixed them together in a small container. I also put a few drops of each in my diffuser. Now mind you, no carrier oil was suggested to be used with the oils I mixed together, I honestly didn’t know any better. I applied the oils to the areas behind my ears, the base of my neck and under my nose. Yes it BURNED!!!! Peppermint oil is hot – I know now!!!! Had I used a carrier oil I probably wouldn’t have felt such discomfort.


But on the upside, within hours, I was actually breathing through my nose for the first time in years! Eureka, it worked!!! I kept waiting for the effects to wear off in a few weeks as was the norm with the prescriptions from the doctor. I used the oils at night when I went to bed and in the morning when I got up, it was like a doggone miracle to me! No more sinus drip, no more sinus headaches! No more congestion! So this is what it’s like to breathe through your nose! It’s been 4 months now and I’m still breathing with no issues through my nose! I have since learned that I don’t need to actually apply the oils to my skin to get this same effect.

I have begun using small inhalers which I purchased on, and make my own blends to use in them. They are portable and easy to put together and can be used anywhere in under a minute! I’m totally sold out on the EO’s I have only been using for a short time. I have now begun some formal training as a certified aromatherapist so that I can understand better what EO’s can do and how to use them effectively. I’m looking forward to a more natural way of curing what ails me and my family and clients! Link for purchase through Amazon –


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