St. John’s Wort infused oil

St. John's Wort
St. John’s Wort


Every year at this time I get my “St. John’s Wort on”. I love this infused oil and it is one of my favorites. I use it for everything. One of my favorite uses is to slather it all over when I am feeling blue, or tired of gloomy days of winter and it feels like sunshine on my skin.

Infused oils are really easy to make, and can be used for salves, massage oils, liniments and so much more.

I really like making my own infused oils because I can gauge how potent my finished oil will be.

St. Johns’ Wort- Hypericum perforatum, and is also known as Tipton’s weed, rosin rose, goatweed, chase-devil, or Klamath weed. This herbal infused oil has a long history of being used for  for skin injuries, nerve pain, burns and hemorrhoids. It is also used to assist with radiation burns, minor abrasions and topical viruses. St. John’s oil is useful in treating bruises as well as to alleviating neuralgia, carpal tunnel syndrome and rheumatism. The oil is an effective remedy for all types of internal and external pains, as it has a soothing effect.

Instructions and Ingredients

As much fresh SJW (St. John’s Wort) flowers as you can harvest at a time. I harvest enough to fill my jars over 3-5 days. I harvest the flowers every morning after the dew has evaporated.

Olive oil, almond oil, or another oil you want to work with. I use the highest quality oil I can find. But use the best you can afford.

Large canning jars, as many as you think you can fill. For most families 2 quarts can last for a year of pretty regular use.

This SJW oil is in the beginning days of infusing.


Fill your canning jar with the flower you have. Cover the flower with oil. When you have more harvested flowers you can add them to the jar and cover with oil.

As you can see from my jar, that I am not done, and I will be adding more flowers over the next few days.

After my oil has infused for 3-5 weeks I will strain the oil can re-bottle in sterilized jars. Upon re-bottling I will properly label each jar with the name of the infused oil, date and ingredients. Even though it is for my own use, it is essential I still know all of these factors for personal quality control.

I have some fabulous SJW recipes in my book Herbal Healing for Children and in my upcoming book being released soon.

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