ST. John’s Wort to the rescue!

ST. John’s Wort to the rescue! by Dustin Christo

 Alright, I know what your all thinking, “Great another article about this herb” well your right sit down and listen. St. John Wort is one the most used, oldest used and most useful herb on the PLANET!  Please let me explain.

So listen to what said

“St. John’s wort is most commonly used for depression and conditions that sometimes go along with depression such as anxiety, tiredness, loss of appetite and trouble sleeping. There is some strong scientific evidence that it is effective for mild to moderate depression. heart palpitations, moodiness and other symptoms of menopause, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), exhaustion, stop-smoking help, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), migraine and other types of headaches, muscle pain, nerve pain, and irritable bowel syndrome. It is also used for cancer, HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis C. Some people apply this oil to their skin to treat bruises and scrapes, inflammation and muscle pain, first degree burns, wounds, bug bites, hemorrhoids, and nerve pain. But applying St. John’s Wort directly to the skin is risky. It can cause serious sensitivity to sunlight.”

St. John's Wort

Look at all that! Amazing, what’s more amazing is that this herb also works on animals too! I personally use this herb for almost everything with my animals because it’s so useful in almost anything, let me just clarify the importance of this, It can be applied on the external and internal. Try to find something that the dog can lick off and not get sick off of.

Words of caution to this tale.

As much as I love this herb there are some issue that I must point out. I don’t recommend taking this all the time. Base off the website , this herb can interfere with other important medications harm women who are pregnant and may cause mental issues. So obviously check with your doctor/ Vet if you’re or your animal is taking any medication either prescription or over the counter. Be safe with yourself and your animals.


My favorite salve for my animals is this

Cayenne & St. John’s Wort Salve Recipe



4 oz St. John’s Wort infused oil
2 tsp organic cayenne powder
1/2 ounce beeswax or 2 Tbsp beeswax pastilles


1. Using a double boiler, mix the oil with the cayenne powder and warm very gently. Allow to cool and then heat up again, being sure not to let the oil bubble.

2. Remove from heat and allow to sit and infuse for 24 hours.

3. The next day, strain oil through cheesecloth to remove excess powder.

4. Place herbal infused oil and beeswax into your double boiler and gently warm over low heat until the beeswax melts.

5. Quickly pour into tins or glass jars and allow to cool completely.

6. Salves should be stored in a cool location where they will remain semi-solid.

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