Stress Relieving Tips

We are all overcome with stress and anxiety all around us. Even if you are experiencing the direct stress, you will still need these stress relieving tips.

Stress Relieving Tips
Stress Relieving Tips

Some tips for relieving stress are:


Regular time outside in the sun. Take a few minutes a day to sunbathe. 15-20 minutes 2 times a day will make a huge difference. You can take a walk, read outside, layout, swim, or play outside. Your vitamin D levels will increase, and your overall outlook should also improve. If you have had skin cancer or worried about sun exposure levels, talk to your care provider about safely doing this. These are great stress relieving tips.

Vitamin D plays an important role in nervous health and depression. Vitamin D deficiency and anxiety affect diabetic status. This study aimed to determine the effect of vitamin D supplementation on anxiety, depression, and inflammation in diabetic women with anxiety.[i]

Take Time

Take time to read, meditate, and relax for 20 minutes a day. If you have a tight work schedule, then do the sun and relaxation at the same time. Take the time to take a relaxing bath.

When the body is exposed to unexpected stress or threat, we react with a characteristic “fight or flight” response. The “adrenaline rush” we encounter is a consequence of releasing the hormones epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine. These cause an increase in blood pressure and pulse rate, faster breathing, and elevated blood flow to the muscles.

The relaxation response is a process designed to elicit the opposite bodily response from the “fight or flight” response, countering with a state of deep relaxation. Our breathing, pulse rate, blood pressure, and metabolism are decreased. Equipping the body daily to attain this state of relaxation can lead to enhanced mood, lower blood pressure, enhanced digestion, and a decline of daily stress.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Worry less about being “fat” and more about being healthy. Eat foods as close to nature as you can. Choose options that have the least amount of processing. If you eat meat, dairy, or eggs, choose higher-quality options. I know these things can cost more, but hitting the farmer’s market, local farm shops, or growing your own can assist with some of the costs. Opting to eat 2 times a month or changing your coffee shop routine can often help in saving up a good chunk of cash. Visiting regional ethnic or farmer’s markets is a great way to get healthy options cheap.


Get enough sleep. Make sure you get solid and restful sleep. Turn off the television, radio, and put your chat notification and cell phones to sleep. You do not need to be online all night. I know this sounds obvious to some, but even my most astute and aware clients have a hard time ensuring they get enough sleep and downtime. Downtime or sleeping the appropriate amount, and needing it, is not a sign of weakness.

Take a nap!

Nap if you need too. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself. You deserve it. If you have small children at home, then try to rest when they do. Find and use more efficient strategies to get housework and obligations taken care of. Needing a nap is not a weakness.

For example, if you fall asleep whenever you watch a movie or read a book, it may mean you need more downtime.

Move! Shake it! 

Move your tushie: Make sure you take the time to move every hour. Squats over the toilet, twists, dancing, touch your toes, go up and down on your tippy-toes. Make some unexpected movements to get the blood flowing and reinvigorate yourself. Dance and sing! Swim, walk the dogs, play tag. If you sit all day, try to get up and move a little every hour. Stress-relieving can often be easily done in just a few minutes of moving around.

Get yourself hooked into a regular activity. Take up golf, swimming, yoga, kickboxing, disco roller skating, and anything else you have always wanted to do. Give yourself this gift. Many resources are available. Learn about your local parks, botanical gardens, playgrounds, etc… And visit them more.

I love singing and dancing. Therefore, when I am the most stressed out, you will find me singing at the top of my lungs every time I get into the car.

Think about what makes your life less stressful. Is it a song? A scent? A cup of tea?

  [i] Fazelian S, Amani R, Paknahad Z, Kheiri S, Khajehali L. Effect of Vitamin D Supplement on Mood Status and Inflammation in Vitamin D Deficient Type 2 Diabetic Women with Anxiety: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Int J Prev Med. 2019;10:17. Published 2019 Feb 12. doi:10.4103/ijpvm.IJPVM_174_18

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